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WORBOOK is an ever-expanding and always up-to-date ‘resourceography’, containing terminology resources for translators & terminologists, focusing on Dutch/English, but also covering other languages and areas. It aims to contain all the specialist reference works and subscriptions a Dutch-English translator might need in their daily work.

Although the bulk of WORBOOK consists of Dutch-English resources, if you scroll down you will also find resources in other languages and language combinations.

The little download arrows (Download arrow) preceding certain resources mean the resource can be directly downloaded from
this site (usually as a tab-delimited UTF-8 text file).

Three red stars (☆☆☆) means it’s new (or very good).

Since this page gets around 200 hits a month, I have decided to start importing the bulk of the freely available glossaries and other resources referred to here into the term searchsystem, so that the data can be searched from a single location.


2400 x Liever Nederlands (onnodig Engels).
(Vernieuwd) Overzicht militaire afkortingen Versie: 01-10-2012.

Download arrow A Compleat Dictionary English and Dutch (1766), Willem Sewel & Egbert Buys (Download free PDF).
• AGARD: Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (by the NATO Research and Technology Organisation), 1980.
• AIRGLOSS: Air Infiltration Glossary (NL-EN), by Carolyn Allen et al. (Oscar Faber Partnership, 1988).
Download arrow ANNEX 31: Glossary (terms re: the environmental performance of buildings) (256 entries) (Download).
Download arrow (NL/EN/FR/DE) glossary of paper industry terms, w/ ENG defs (1,726 entries) (Download).
Download arrow (Woordenschat per thema) (908 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Luc Ockers’ Glossary of Animal Names (Latin/EN/NL/DE/FR) ( (7,197 entries) (Download).
Download arrow ADP: Human Resources Lexicon: 2,000 NL-EN entries re. payroll & HR administration (Download).
• Van Amerongen, F. Terminologie Financieel Management NL-EN, (2001) (+25,000 entries).
Download arrow Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages (964 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Art & Architecture Thesaurus - NL/EN.
Download arrow Glossary of Automotive terms, by W.P.Barendsen & D. Belau 2001 (167 NL-EN-DE entries) (Download).
Download arrow Apple Glossary (43,698 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Download arrow Mac OSX Glossary (2012-12-16) (176,064 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Automotive Glossary: Technisch Woordenboek Engels Nederlands (1,462 NL/EN entries) (Download).
• ‘Autowoordenboek Engels - Nederlands’ of G. Speek (coming soon).
Download arrow Autowoordenboek (Japanese-English - Dutch Translation Glossary) by Parahuys (Download).
Download arrow, Deel 1 Engels-Nederlands / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck (Download).
Download arrow, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck (15,430 entries) (Download).

Download arrow Bouwkundige termen Nederlands/Engels/Duits/Frans ( (562 entries) (Download). Great site with lots of good resources and links.
• Bense, J.F.: A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary (Martinus Nijhoff, 1939).
Bicycle & Travel Dictionary (Dutch-English), Edwin Seldenthuis (279 entries).
Bikers Dictionary: motorcycle-related terminology (213 entries).
BiSL (Business Information Services Library) glossary (Download as .txt or .xls).
Botanical Glossary, John Bruinsma & Wim van der Ven (botanical & landscape terms) (1,777 entries).
• Automotive Glossary (2,484 entries).  
• Beer and Brewing Terminology: Vertaling Engelse brouwerstermen naar het Nederlands, (3,000 entries).
• Brepols’ Engels woordenboek, J.R.S. Cauberghe (2 volumes) (1,816 pages) (Published in 1940, by Brepols).
• Broekhof, K.: Notebook: Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels. (4de) (Sardes, 1999).
• Burrough-Boenisch, J.: Righting English that's gone Dutch (2nd edition). ☆☆☆

Calculus 2 voor Bouwkunde / Calculus Glossary (Woordenlijst EN-NL .PDF) (191 NL-EN entries).
Cassell’s English Dutch, Dutch English Dictionary, H Coenders (Continuum, 2000) (1,582 pages). Textiel woordenboek NL-EN (2,000 entries).
CIMAC Lexicon (technical terms used in internal combustion engine & gas turbine industries (567 entries).
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor terminology (562 NL-EN entries).
Download arrow Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) (10,359 NL-EN entries) (Download). (493 entries).


DCEP: Digital Corpus of the European Parliament. ☆☆☆
• De Clerck, Walter: Nijhoffs Zuidnederlands woordenboek (Nijhoff, 1981, 854pp).
• De Financiële Begrippenlijst ( (many terms contain Eng. translations).
• De Valks Juridisch Woordenboek, derde druk: Dirix, Eric; Tilleman, Bernard.
• Delévaque, J.: SRI Woordenboek scheeps-, regel- en installatietechniek (SRT vertaalbureau en uitgeverij). (12,101 NL-EN entries). Free dictionaries project (tons of languages)(4,311 NL-EN entries).
Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering: EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, S.N. Korchomkin et al. (Kluwer, 1985).
Dictionary of Corporate Finance & Investment: EN/DE/FR/NL, D. Phillips & M. Whysall (Wolters Plantyn).
Download arrow Dictionary of Molinology (English - German - French - Dutch) (Download).
Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terminology EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, A.S. Markov, et al. (Springer, 1984).
Download arrow Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven: Woordenlijst NL-EN (356 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Dinoclay: Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words: R. Wilt, et al. (Download).
Dredging Glossary (38 NL-EN terms relating to a ‘sleephopperzuiger’ (trailing suction hopper dredger).
• Woordenboek Nederlands Engels.
Download arrow DUTCH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (by Jerzy Kazojć) (Download).
• Dutch-English Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Brokling, L.G., published by the author 1983.
Dutch Parallel Corpus (‘DPC’), (Nederlandse Taalunie) (10-million-word NL-EN & NL-FR parallel corpus).
DGT-TM: Directorate-General for Translation Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire.

Download arrow ECDC-TM: 25-language TM by the ‘European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’ (Download).
Download arrow Earste algemiene list fan kompjûterbegripen foar de Fryske taal (Download)
• Engelsch woordenboek (1920), Karel ten Bruggencate (author) (Pub. 1920 by J.B. Wolters, Groningen).
Export/Import & Foreign Trade International Business Glossary (EENI - Global Business School).
Download arrow EUconst: A parallel corpus collected from the European Constitution (6,479 segments) (Download).
• EMA veterinary medicinal products TMs, version 8 via (Download).
Download arrow EMEA: European Medicines Agency (13 million Dutch-English segments) (Download).
• End, Aart van den (ed.): Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon (The Legal and Economic Lexicon). ☆☆☆
• End, Aart van den (ed.): Onroerend Goed Lexicon (The Property Lexicon). ☆☆☆
Download arrow Erasmus University: Juridische afkortingen Erasmus Universiteit (NL abbreviations/acronyms) (Download).
Download arrow ETIM: European Technical Information Model for the classification of technical products (Download).
Download arrow EUROVOC Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union (6,797 entries) (Download).
Download arrow EUROPARL3: European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus 1996-2009 (1,285,372 entries) (Download).
European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Netherlands: V.d. Heijden, P.F. + De Gier, E.
EuroTermBank: multilingual terminology portal (accessible from within memoQ).

Download arrow useful glossary of geneological research terms (971 NL-EN entries) (Download).
FELOnline: Financieel Economisch Lexicon NL-EN, by A.J. de Keizer's (42,000 entries). ☆☆☆
Financieel woordenboek, by Roeland M. van Pol (Financieel Dagblad, 2000).
Download arrow Fiscaal technisch Nederlands-Engels woordenlijst.pdf (found on iNDENT mailing list) (Download).

Download arrow GEMET: General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus, by The European Environment Agency (Download).
Geneological Research Glossary (Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer) (115 NL-EN entries).
• Dutch genealogical research glossary (Woordenboek/dictionary genealogie):
Download arrow GEONET: Dutch-English list of geotechnical engineering entries (905 entries) (Download).
Glass Dictionary: by the European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Making (CERFAV), France. very large multilingual dictionary with open-source data (Wiktionary, OmegaWiki, etc).
Glossarissimo! (Monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology for translators & interpreters…). (amazing multilingual dictionary and concordancer, created by two Polish guys). ☆☆☆
Glossary of Aged Care Terminology (Download).
Download arrow Glossary of magnetic microstructures + magnetic domains by Hubert & Schäfer (313 entries) (Download).
• Glossary of medical terms (
Download arrow Glossary of Miscellaneous Items (4,441 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Glossary of Transport (International planning glossaries 2) by G. Logie (EN/FR/IT/NL/DE/SE) (Elsevier, 1980).
GNOME Nederland: (‘Het GNOME-NL project is opgezet om GNOME naar het Nederlands te vertalen.’)
Van Goor’s English-Dutch and Dutch-English dictionary, F. Ed. Prick Van Wely (11th Rev. Ed., 1959).
Van Goor’s Miniatuur Engelsch Woordenboek 11th ed. (G.B. van Goor & Zonen Uitgeversmaatsch., 1946).
• Graus, J.M.A.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels, 5de druk (2009).

Halford’s list: Dutch into English dictionaries, or dictionaries including Dutch into English.
Download arrow Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands (werkplaatshandboek) (Download).
Download arrow multilingual glossary (NL, EN, FR, DE: 370 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Health insurance glossary (Dutch-English-German)(244 entries)(Download).
• Hensel, I. Woordenboek informatietechnologie / Nederlands-Engels-Duits / 1ste druk (SDU, 1998).
Download arrow Horse Glossary: Beknopt paardentaal-woordenboek (236 entries) (Download).
Hossfeld's Dutch dialogues (1903).
• Huitenga, T.: Nederlands-Engels Woordenboek voor Landbouwwetenschappen (Numij, Leiden, 1976). ☆☆☆
• Huitenga, T.: Nederlands-Engels Supplement voor Landbouw- en Milieuwetenschappen (Leiden, 1996). ☆☆☆
Huygens Groot woordenboek 4 talen CDROM (incl. Dutch-English).

IATE: The EU inter-institutional terminology database. Best way to get it is from: ☆☆☆
Download arrow IEA Annex 31 Glossary (274 NL-EN entries) (Download).
• Ihagee: The Multi-Lingual Ihagee Dictionary 5 Languages (glossary of photosgraphy terms) (432 entries).
Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering, EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, by V.V. Schwartz, et al. (1984).
Insects Glossary (79 Dutch-English-Latin entries).
Download arrow Intel’s Trademarks and Brands (EN-NL) (Download).
Download arrow ISACA Glossary of Terms (English-Dutch)(Second edition, 2012).
• ITIL® Glossary of Terms English - Dutch v.2.0 (Download).

• Jansonius, Dr. H.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek NL-EN/EN-NL (Numij, 1976). ☆☆☆
• Jansonius, Dr. H.: (Nieuw) Groot Nederlands-Engels woordenboek voor studie en practijk (Numij, 1972). ☆☆☆
• Jong, F.J. de: Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary: English, French, German, Dutch (Nijhoff Kluwer, 1980).
• Jonge, A.J.: Viertalig woordenboek voor de verzekeringspraktijk - NL/DE/EN/FR (Kluwer, 1994). ‘Bouw Encyclopedie’ (wealth of translations re. construction, w/ images) (Searchable!). ☆☆☆
Download arrow Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (construction terms) (10,236 NL-EN entries).

KDEdoc: ‘A parallel corpus of KDE manuals’ (.TMX 1,445 segments).
Download arrow (approx. 1,030 NL-EN entries) (Download).
• KDE Localization > Dictionary > Search Translations (Search strings from all KDE translation teams!).
Kramers Business Woordenboek Engels (1,683 pages) (Kramers Business, 2001) (out of print).
Kramers encyclopedisch business woordenboek, 7-talig (587 pages) (Kramers Business, 2003).
• Kramers’ Engelsch Woordenboek Engelsch-Nederlands/Nederlandsch-Engelsch, 13de druk.
Kluwer Woordenboek Bouwkunde, NL/EN/DE (Sdu Uitgevers, 1997) (624 pages).
Kluwer’s woordenboek informatica, NL/EN; Raymond Bakker (Kluwer Technische Boeken, 1985)
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National library of the Netherlands).
• Kramers, J.: Kramers’ Engels woordenboek: NL/EN (G.B. van Goor Zonen, 1948).
Download arrow KU Leuven bibliotheek rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst BELGISCHE juridische tijdschriften (Download).
Download arrow KU Leuven biblioth. rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst NEDERLANDSE juridische tijdschriften (Download).

Land Rover Dictionary: Multilingual glossary of automotive terms (281 NL-EN entries).
Langenscheidt Universal Dutch Dictionary: Dutch<>English (Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary).
• Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek f/n/e/d, (Maklu, 1995).
Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek, am Zehnhoff, H.W., Timmermans, H., Salmon, Y., Schmatz, E.
• Lemmens, M. & Parr, T.: Handboek voor de vertaler Nederlands–Engels.
Lexilogos: a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world.
Download arrow Lycaeus Juridisch Woordenboek (3,890 high quality NL-EN entries) (Download). ☆☆☆
• Lycaeus Juridisch Woordenboek (Nederlands recht) ( ☆☆☆
• Lycaeus Juridisch Woordenboek (Belgisch recht) ( ☆☆☆
• Lycaeus Economisch Woordenboek (Nederland) ( ☆☆☆
• Lycaeus Economisch Woordenboek (België) ( (link currently dead).

Download arrow Macroeconomics dictionary by Ralph Vanaken (109 entries) (Download).
MAGUS: A multilingual animal glossary of selected birds and mammals; Part 4: Germanic Languages.
Meertalige woordenlijst voor charterschippers.
Download arrow Microsoft Terminology Collection (11,968 entries NL-EN entries, incl. English definitions) (Download).
Download arrow Mozilla Glossary, Dutch-English (5,972 entries) (Download).
Download arrow MSDS Glossary (Material Safety Data Sheet) (172 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Download arrow Multilingual building tech., fire/safety glossary - European Aluminium Association AISBL (Download NL/EN).
Multilingual Biomedical Dictionary, by André Fairchild et al (7,195 entries).
Multilingual Criminological Terms: English-Dutch-French-German.
Download arrow Multilingual Glossary of the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium (146 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Multilingual list of science names - Ontology of Scientific Journals (.xls on Google Drive) (Download).
• Multi Talen Woordenboek Pro (versie 3) - Easy Computing (CD-ROM / DVD) © 2002 Easy Computing.
Muziektermen Nederlands-Engels, Engels-Nederlands, by Kees van Hage. (very large collection of bilingual material). ☆☆☆

N​ (Adventures in Dutch bracket (ab)use) (my own)
• Nederlandse rechtsbegrippen vertaald
• New Dictionary English and Dutch (Dutch and English), Willem Sewel (author) (BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2010).
Notebook Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels, K. Broekhof, T. Morris, & L. Stoops. ☆☆☆
Nuffic Glossary: Dutch-English terminology for describing higher education in the Netherlands. ☆☆☆

Download arrow OmegaWiki Glossary: Dutch-English dictionary created from OmegaWiki database (Download).
OLAC: Open Language Archives: 'resources in and about the Dutch language'.
OPUS: the open parallel corpus (#1 site for open source Parallel Corpora, incl. TMX downloads!). ☆☆☆
Download arrow OTE: Open Translation Engine (4,648 NL-EN entries) (Download).
• Oxtoby, Graham P.: Groot Woordenboek Industrie & Techniek (GWIT). ☆☆☆

P1 Vertaalwoordenboek.
Download arrow Palletiser glossary (English) (41 English entries, with definitions) (Download).
Download arrow ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑ ΤΩΝ ΛΕΞΕΩΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΗΣ, by Theophilos Vamvakos (848 entries) (Download).
• Passkey. A Dutch-English reference book on business terminology. (Huitenga, Lloyd & Verhoog).
Download arrow Multilingual Glossary of Nice Classification System of goods & services) (Download).
PIARC Road Dictionary(multilingual terminology database of the World Road Association).
• Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum: 2007).
Pinkhof Medisch Engels. ☆☆☆
Download arrow Philosophy Glossary: Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (Filosofie) (203 entries) (Download).
Download arrow Praktijkdiploma Boekhouden (PDB) termenlijst - Financial & Cost Accounting glossary (Download).
Download arrow Printing Glossary ( glossary of screen / digital printing terms) (600 NL-EN entries) (Download).
• Prisma Concise English-Dutch & Dutch-English Dictionary, 3rd Revised edition, P. Gargano, F. Veldman.
• Prisma Online XL Engels 2.0 (100,000 Dutch-English headwords). ☆☆☆
• Prisma Vakwoordenboek Bouw, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1995) (188 pages).
• Prisma woordenboek Nederlands Engels (A.F.M. de Knegt & C. de Knegt-Bos; Orig. auth.: G.J. Visser.
• Prisma Vakwoordenboek Onroerende Zaken, Dijkstra, W., Kommer, K., Van Eyk H.S.
• Prisma Vakwoordenboek Transport, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1996) (167 pages).
• ‘Properties + units in the clinical laboratory sciences - 11: Kinds-of-property’ (IUPAC Recommendations). Term Search. ☆☆☆
Download arrow KOG: ‘KudoZ Open Glossary’ (6,322 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Paint Shop Pro Woordenlijst - Nederland / Engels.

Download arrow Glossary: ‘Wordlist of Dutch genealogy-related abbreviations, words + translations’ (Download).
• Radboud Universiteit - Vertaallijst NL-EN.
RailLexic 4.0 CD-ROM (UIC railway glossary comprising some 16,000 terms in 22 languages). ☆☆☆
• Renier, Fernand G.: Dutch/English - English/Dutch Dictionary (Third impression - 1961).
Download arrow Risk and Safety Statements (210 Dutch-English entries) (courtesy of Marek Pawelec) (Download).
Download arrow Road Safety Glossary / Verkeersveiligheidstermen Nederlands-Engels (1,183 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Rohloff Zweiradtechnik Wörterbuch, Dutch-English bicycle terms (490 entries).
• Rombouts, Hans: Vloeiend Vlaams: Zuidnederlands voor beginners en gevorderden (Aramith Uitg., 1990).
The New Routledge Dutch Dictionary NL-EN/EN-NL, Hempelman, R.; Osselton, N. (2003).

Download arrow SCA Packaging: Six-Way Glossary by Data Translations Textran (526 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Download arrow SCA Packaging: ‘VERPAKKINGSWOORDENLIJST Vertaling Nederlands/Frans/Engels/Duits’ (Download).
• Semantic Concepts: Construction (
Shopping and food glossary, compiled by the American Woman's Club Amsterdam (AWCA) (284 entries).
Download arrow Soil Management Glossary (5,338 Dutch-English entries) (Download).
• Slovnyk - Het veeltalige woordenboek, compiled by Valentyn Solomko (43,718_entries).
Download arrow Steiner Glossary: Personal list of terms compiled while working on Dutch ‘vrijescholen’ texts (Download).
• Stekhoven, G. Schuurmans & Oxtoby, G.P.: Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (1993).
Stekhoven, G. Schuurmans: Kluwers universeel technisch woordenboek NL/EN (Kluwer).

T A great website that collects Dutch-English glossaries. ☆☆☆
• Construction GLOSSARY by Erik Brommeijer (Also here) (5,998 entries).
• Militaire termen - landmacht. Online Dutch-English dictionary for technical stuff.
Ten Bosch’ Viertalig Woordenboek / Nederlands-Engels-Duits-Frans (Sdu Uitgevers, January 1999).
Download arrow Toets- en onderwijstermen Nederlands – Engels (Source: Cito + Notebook) (Download).
TAUS Search: TAUS Data Association. I have downloaded a ton of their TMXs (some of which are garbage).
Technisch woordenboek voor machinebouw en procesindustrie (+ 5,000 entries).
Download arrow TESE: Thesaurus for Education Systems in Europe • 2009 Edition (1,388 entries) (Download). ☆☆☆
Download arrow Tilburg University: Dutch-English Glossary of University related terms (1,657 entries) (Download).
• TM-Town Terminology Marketplace: Dutch to English glossaries currently available for sale. ☆☆☆
• TranslatorsCafé: Dutch-English Glossary ~ Terminology TermsCafé (433 entries).
Tribology Glossary (mechanical engineering) (Werktuigbouw en Tribotechniek -
• TT-Software Dictionaries and wordlists (
• TU Delft: Building Technology Glossary (Bouwkunde) (198 NL-EN entries).
Download arrow TU Delft: Dictionary for Urbanists, Dutch-English (Download).
• TU Delft: Glossary of education-related terms, compiled by the English Language Centre of TU Delft.
• TU Delft: Hydraulic Engineering Glossary (4,235 NL-EN entries).
• TU Delft: woordenlijst onderwijstermen (23 NL-EN entries).
• TU Delft: Nederlands-Englese woordenlijst stedebouwkundige begrippen (Urban Development Glossary).

Ultramarin Maritime • meertalige geïllustreerde encyclopedie voor zee- en binnenvaart (CD-ROM).
UN Corpora: TMXs in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish (74,070 entries).
Universal Dictionary (Dutch-English) (maintained by the project) (1,730 entries).
• Universiteit Gent: (ELIS), Ghent University - Nederlandstalige computertermen (131 NL-EN IT entries).
• University of Amsterdam’s online ‘Translation List’ (‘UvA-Vertaallijst’).
• Universiteit Utrecht: Univ. Departments Glossary ("Schrijf- en redactiewijzer Engelstalige teksten").
• Universiteit Utrecht: Glossary of univ.-related terms (NL-EN woordenlijst algemene universitaire termen).
• Uytterschaut, L.: De anderstalige jaarrekening, terminologische gids voor BE/NE/FR/EN/DE jaarrekeningen.

• Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Nederlands Engels, versie 2.1 (2006) (approx. 100,000 headwords). ☆☆☆
• Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, versie 2.0 (2002). ☆☆☆
• Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, 14e ed. (2005). ☆☆☆
Van Dale Nieuw Woordenboek der Nederlandsche taal, Calisch, I.M. & Calisch, N.S., 1e editie (1864).
Download arrow Vertaalsuggesties (Nederlands i18n-team) (Download).
Vertalende woordenboeken.
Versicherungsworterbuch, Insurance Dictionary, Dictionnaire D'Assurance, (...), by Dr. Muller-Lutz.
Download arrow Vlietstra's Dictionary of Technical Terms (Technisch E-N/N-E Woordenboek) (38,617 entries). ☆☆☆
Vlietstra, J. Dictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations.
VU-termenlijst Geautoriseerde Engelse vertalingen van onderwijstermen, namen van diensten, functies...

W Multilingual illustrated technical dictionary on navigation and dredging (very good!). ☆☆☆
WeBiText: Bilingual concordancer developed by Institute for Info. Technology NRC Canada (Terminotix).
Wikipedia: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (7,191 entries).
Download arrow Wikipedia glossary (303,787 entries) (Courtesy of András Farkas) (Download) (Download zipped).
Wiktionary: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (9,185 entries).
• Wiktionary: M. Buchmeier's script to automatically generate large bilingual dictionaries using Wiktionary.
• WOD: Webster's Online Dictionary (with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation) (seems to be dead now). ☠
• Wolters’ Handwoordenboek Nederland-Engels (20e druk, 1994) (77,000 headwords, 1,073 pp.).
Woordenboek geneeskunde E-N/N-E, 3rde druk; P.L.M. Kerkhof, 2003 (ISBN 903522 25805).
Woordenboek verzekeringsbedrijf Engels<>Nederlands, Winfried Vermeij & M.P. Kelderman. (updated list of) Publicly Accessible Termbases.
Worterbuch Geotechnik Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering: NL-EN/DE-EN; Herbert Bucksch, et al. Free Online Dictionary (quite a large collection of Dutch-English material in their database).

Download arrow Woordenboek - Dutch-English Medical Glossary (1,858 entries) (Download).


Vlaams-Nederlands woordenboek - van ambetanterik tot zwanzer, Ed. P Bakema (2003).
• Uyen, M.: Kuifje in Vlaanderen. Een Nijmegenaar leert zijn nieuwe vaderland kennen.


Download arrow PatTR: Patent Translation Resource alignments (available for a modest fee; pls email me). ☆☆☆


Bel-Memorial glossary (FR<>NL) (monumenten en andere gedenkstukken).
De pagina van de Belgische vertaler + De Belgische vertaler (Start page). ☆☆☆


• Hilgers, R.: Woordenboek Strafrecht Nederlands-Russisch/Russisch-Nederlands (336pp, 2006).


Download arrow Japanese Law Translation Memory (407,135 entries)(Download).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

English monolingual

• (English glossary with coastal science entries)
• Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms - A. Arabi (Auerbach, 2008).
• Glossary of Biotechnology entries 3rd ed - K. Nill (CRC, 2002).
Glossary of Carriages.
Oxford Dictionaries Pro ( ~ absolutely indespensable. ☆☆☆
• Pearson, G.: Illustrated Dictionary Of Mechanical Engineering (Lotus Press, 2007).
• TU-Delft glossary on bio-geomorphology.
• TU-Delft glossary on river morphology.
• UNESCO International Glossary of Hydrology.
• wordlist-en.txt (very long list of English words).
• Kevin’s Wordlist Page:, maintained by Kevin Atkinson.
• Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.
WordWeb Pro: a comprehensive one-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows (120,000 entries).

Automotive glossaries (see also:

Aviation & ballooning glossaries (see also:
The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary (2nd edition)

About the Dutch language
• J.F. Bense, Anglo-Dutch Relations from the Earliest Times to the Death of William the Third (1925).
• J.F. Bense, A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary.

Internet slang ‘Internet Slang Words and Computer Slang’. ‘The largest list of text & chat acronyms’.

Business Law Guide to Belgium (2nd ed.), Edited by Ivo Van Bael, Jean-Francois Bellis (650 pages) (1993).
Legal English: How to Understand and Master the Language of Law, McKay, W., et al. (2nd ed.) (2011).

Download arrow LOCKSMITH Dictionary (ALOA) (Download).
• The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing. 6th edition (576 pages).

Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 2007).
Pinkhof Medisch Engels.

Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence
• Menno Mafait’s Thinknowlogy (‘the only computer program in the world able to “understand” natural language’)

Scientific & technical
• 2.0, by McGraw-Hill (online version: McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology).
• ASTM Online Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology.
• Inductel Scientific and Technical Dictionary (120,000+ definitions).
• Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage (LRB), Godman, A. & Payne, E.M.F. (1979).
• McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (6th edition, 2002).
• McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (7th edition, 2012).
• McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (10th edition, 2007).
• Technical Translation: Usability Strategies for Translating Technical Documentation, by Jody Byrne.
• Vlietstra, J.: Dictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations (2nd ed.) (2001).

Translation, terminology, and lexicography
• Bilingual lexicography from a communicative perspective; Heming Young & Jing Peng (John Benjamins B.V.).
• Dictionary of Lexicography, R. R. K. Hartmann, Gregory James
e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography, Fuertes-Olivera, P.A. & Bergenholtz, H.
Handbook of Terminology Management (2 volumes), by Sue Ellen Wright and Gerhard Budin (eds).
• TshwaneLex User Guide
• MultiLingual magazine (print edition).
Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything, Bellos, D.

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Dutch monolingual

Police, security, etc.

Afkortingen BOA (

• Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek (ANW) ~ corpusgebaseerd woordenboek van eigentijdse Nederlands.
• Fockema Andreae's Juridisch Woordenboek, R.D.J. van Caspel, HRW Gokkel, CAW Klijn (14de druk).

• Geïntegreerde Taalbank (GTB) van het Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL). ☆☆☆
• Het Groene Boekje, de Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal.
• Het Muiswerk woordenboek, aangeboden door Juffrouw Blom.
• Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (1864-1998) (WNT; Dictionary of the Dutch Language)(INL). ☆☆☆
• wordlist-nl.txt (very long list of Dutch words).

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English copywriting services

• Celia Anderson Copywriting (Plymouth-based copywriter, supplying engaging content for businesses).
Jen Rouse Language Services. ☆☆☆

Terminology Management Share and organise your glossaries online (dead project). ☠

Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms

• ​(open source acronyms/abbreviations) (my old project; temporarily abandoned).
Download arrow Ecclesiastical Abbreviations (Download).
• afkortingen/abbreviations. ☆☆☆
Download arrow Over 800 Abbreviations of religious orders (Download).
Download arrow RFC Editor Abbreviations List (1,735 entries) (Download).


Strategic Patenting, A Comprehensive Guide For Everyone Involved In The World Of Patenting, Fish & Tsang.

Railway terminology

Begrippenlijst Spoorse Begrippen (RWS Objecttypenbibliotheek > Collections > Prorail documenten).
Glossary of rail transport terms (on Wikipedia).
RailLexic, new online subscription. ☆☆☆
• Spoortermen > Afkortingen (@ (Dutch railway abbreviations)(Download).
• Peter Gutter’s Spoorwegwoordenboek Dutch-Eng (NVBS)(Download). ☆☆☆

Police, security, etc.

Afkortingen BOA (


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