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(ɔ) 1976–2020 Michael Beijer


Term research: C

[NED] 	casco-oplevering
[ENG] 	delivery as a shell

[NED] 	chicane (kleingeestige aanmerking berustend op formaliteiten)
[ENG]   quibble
        pettifoggery (in rechtspraak)
        cavil, <hoger stijlniveau> sophistry 
[REM] 	haarkloverij

[NED] 	chicane (zeer scherpe bocht in een autocircuit)
[ENG]   chicane
[REM] 	bocht (bend)


1.1 = chicanery 1.
2.2 (with pl.) A particular instance of chicanery; a subterfuge, petty trick, quibble. Obs.
3.3 In the game of Bridge, the condition of holding no trumps (see also quot. 1964); double chicane, chicane of both partners.
4.4 Motor Racing. A disguised or artificial construction, esp. a barricaded ramp. Also attrib.

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