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In my day job I’m a Dutch into English technical/patent translator. For translation work, contact me via:


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Dutch English Notes
bouwkundig inbouwpakket structural fit-out work
aanlandplek touchdown spot An informal workspace used to regroup when navigating through the office, continue conversations when meetings run over or quickly sync up with colleagues without having to book a formal meeting room. These spaces can be equipped with an outlet or an extra monitor to plug into to refresh before moving onto another task or meeting.
aanslag assessment (vastgesteld bedrag)(fisc.)
aanslag aanslagbiljet
aanslagjaar tax year
bouwpeil construction level see:
bundel appellant appellant’s file
douaneoptreden customs action; customs actions; customs operations; customs response
economische eigendom beneficial ownership
economische eigendomsoverdracht transfer of beneficial ownership
exploitatievoorwaarden exploitation conditions; marketing conditions PATENTS
fundamenteel onderzoek basic research; fundamental research
geïntimeerde; geintimeerde respondent; appellee (US)
gegrond well-founded (klacht)
gegrond good; sound (reden)
Gewestelijke Directie Regional Department BE
inkohieren; ingekohierd enter in the assessment register Belgian tax stuff
inmeten surveying; measuring
inspectieruimte crawl space An area of limited height under a floor or roof giving access to wiring and plumbing.
loopdeur wicket; wicket gate; wicket door A small door or gate especially one beside or in a larger one.
ongenoegen displeasure; dissatisfaction
ontvankelijk admissible (m.b.t. bewijs)
ontvankelijk having a cause of action; having a case; locus standi; (A) (vnl.) standing (m.b.t. eiser)
ontvankelijk allowed to prosecute (m.b.t. officier van justitie)
ontvankelijk susceptible; receptive (vatbaar voor indrukken)
ontvankelijk allowable; sustainable; actionable (m.b.t. vordering)
opnieuw rechtdoende in a new judgement
rechtsplegingsvergoeding statutorily prescribed contribution towards the other party's legal representation costs
remediëren; remedieren; geremedieerd; remedieerde remedy
rolrecht register duty
rolnummer cause list number; docket number (US); calendar number (US)
schuifpui patio door; patio door frame
taxatiedienst tax office
werkhuis workhouse (hist.); place (where one is employed as a cleaning woman); shop floor; factory premises;workshop
woonadres home address; residential address
veinzen; geveinsd; geveinsde feign; fake
verkrijging van economische eigendom; economische eigendomsverkrijging; [ook genoemd: 'econoom'] acquisition of beneficial ownership FELOnline
villadorp residential village
voorwaardelijk incidenteel beroep conditional cross-appeal
wat hangt ons nu weer boven het hoofd? (figuurlijk) what's hanging over our heads / in store for us now?, what have we let ourselves in for now?
WTC World Trade Center Amsterdam
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