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How can I create a local backup of ALL my photos and videos on Google Photos?

andorejunior 2 years ago

Ive come up with a work around Im currently implementing. Its a bit tedious but not really that bad, I have two years worth of photos downloaded and verified in about 5 minutes of setup time plus the download.

  1. Open GP and search for a year, 2018 for example
  2. GP opens all photos from 2018. I clicked on the first picture, then scrolled down to the last photo, and held shift while clicking it. This will select all the photos searched for, in this case, all photos from 2018. (reducing the display density in Chrome to 10% made this a lot easier, press Ctrl & - repeatedly)
  3. Click the + button in the top right and create a new album. You might need to go back to 100% display density depending on your eyes, press Ctrl & 0
  4. Title this album '2018 Archive' or something along those lines, and then hit the 'three dots' in the top right and select, 'Download All'

While this might take a few minutes per year to compile and process each album, and download times will depend on your connection (regardless, you need to download no matter what backup option you use), at least you can rest assured that you have ALL your photos downloaded, and theyre organized in year by year archives. Thats good enough for me as this is meant for a disaster recovery. If you really want you could extract the archive and organize them as you wish but thats what GP excels at.

Hope this helps anyone else pulling their hair out using this incredible service, with, IMO, a horrible flaw when it comes to creating offline backups.


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