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#5. A favourite occupation or topic, pursued merely for the amusement or interest that it affords, and which is compared to the riding of a toy horse (sense 3); an individual pursuit to which a person is devoted (in the speaker's opinion) out of proportion to its real importance. Formerly hobby-horse n. (sense 6).

1816 Scott Antiq. xi, I quarrel with no man's hobby.
1823 ― Peveril x, The pleasure of being allowed to ride one's hobby in peace and quiet.
1857 Hughes Tom Brown ii. ii, He’s on one of his pet hobbies.
1874 Sayce Compar. Philol. viii. 312 Transgress the boundaries of scientific evidence, and incur the charge of riding a hobby too hard.
1880 L. Stephen Pope vi. 139 His [Lord Oxford’s] famous library was one of his special hobbies.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)




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‘59 Sec. Puppet Information Storm Console’
a 3'39-min. movie made with a cheap webcam. (sunlight, tea glass, green tea) the soundtrack is a mix (made in Garage Band) of the following pieces of (my own) music: 6 (two tone - Thonk), D2, Piano (Connector_iXi) Sp.1, & Ef-Slot (which is made of edited recordings of a steel bike lock), Utrecht 2005.
Music : Passive Attack, by Polvo / Images : my drawing/collages
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