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Music I listen to in my free time

Name Genre Info Interesting albums Interesting songs
808 State
Akira Rabelais
Apollo 440
Acen Trip to the moon Pt.2
Alex Reece Pulp Fiction
Aphex Twin Electronic Saw him live! Selected Ambient Works Volume II, drukQs Vordhosbn (drukQs)
Beirut Nantes
Crass Big a little A
Crystal Castles Electronic
De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig Rap One of these guys went to the same art academy as I did in Amsterdam, the Rietveld Academie.
Die Antwoord
Douglas Benford
Ekkehard Ehlers Electronic
Janek Schaefer
Flipper In another life, I had all their records. Yes, records.
Frans de Waard
Gregor Tresher Firebutton
Men at Work People Just Love to Play with Words
Mr Oizo (Quentin Dupieux)
Radboud Mens
Roel Meelkop Saw him live!
Rudimentary Peni Anarcho-punk
Slint Spiderland Good morning, Captain
Stephan Mathieu Glitch Wurmlochvariationen
The Flaming Lips Alternative rock I loved their old stuff and hate all their new stuff. Story as old as time, sadly. Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
The Grateful Dead Rock Used to hate them. Now I love them.
The Prodigy Full Throttle
Trumans Water Alternative rock
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