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Table of Contents

CAT tools

Name Type Grid-based Word- based Info/Review
Across Desktop Yes
AidTrans Studio Discontinued
Alchemy Catalyst Software localisation
amigoCAT Discontinued
Anaphraseus Desktop[1] Yes Open source - based on OpenOffice macro set, so you require OpenOffice.
Ando tools
AnyMem Desktop From developers of TO3000. Pretty terrible.‘AnyMem is a user-friendly translation memory software. AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and to use. AnyMem CAT engine fully supports Unicode and can work with any language pair without the need of external components, like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, commonly required by other translation memory software.’
Apple Trans Desktop
Araya Suite
Autshumato Built on top of OmegaT.
CafeTran Desktop Yes
High-powered, multi-platform (Java); UI can feel quite confusing to newbies used to memoQ, Trados, Déjà Vu, etc.

Read this for a laugh:'em

Apparently, someone at Wikipedia has some sort of secret vendetta against CafeTran, or at least the CafeTran users trying to get it mentioned on Wikipedia, since no matter what we do, they delete it. Interestingly, pretty much every single other big CAT tool does have its own page on Wikipedia. I really love Wikipedia but some of its editors really are tedious pedants.
CatsCradle Software localisation (for web pages)
Cattitude Online Yes Very interesting new online CAT tool powered by ModernMT.
crossWeb See: Across desktop
Cypresoft's TransSuite 2000
DejaVu (latest version: X3) Online Grid-based Was once the coolest CAT in town, but has sort of been dying a slow death for many years now. Atril has been promising version X4 for like a thousand years. I'll believe it when I see it. Ghost ship.
DGT-OmegaT Desktop Grid-based ‘[…] DGT-OmegaT project, a fork of OmegaT, developed by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission.’
Very interesting branch of the open source OmegaT, developed by the EU translation people. If I was forced to use an open source CAT tool, I’d probably use this. Due to some weird legal/ethical issue, they have a very generic domain:
ENLASO Localization tool Internal tool. This RWS (Enlaso) software localisation suite contains Rainbow (a file and code converter), Horizon (a document comparator) and album (an enhanced paper press).
Felix Desktop Yes Discontinued. Made open source a while back after developer got sick and couldn't continue active development. Still very interesting as it takes a novel (Word-based) approach involving interactive segmentation.
Fluency Translation Suite Desktop Yes Strange. Not sure if Americans should be allowed to make CAT tools ;-)
ForeignDesk Development stopped around 2002.
Fortis Révolution
Fortis Translation suite 3.0
FoundCAT Very strange. ‘FoundCAT is a free, open source tool that aims to help you improve your language skills by performing or reviewing translations of any language combination, or for translations into simple versions (i.e. Simple English as found on Wikipedia). FoundCAT offers advanced CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) features such as a Term Bank (a turbo glossary), Translation Memory (TM) and multiple Machine Translation (MT) APIs. You could start by uploading your favorite Wikipedia page. ’
Google Translator Toolkit Online Discontinued
Heartsome Suite
Heartsome Translation Studio
Idiom Desktop Workbench
iFinger ‘Welcome to Clarify, our new global digital dictionary service. Clarify builds on iFinger's 16 years of experience in digitalisation and search in reference works. We have transferred more than 750 reference works into our new digital library, containing more than 11 million articles and covering more than 25 different languages. All our content comes from our well-reputed publishing partners. Clarify also provides translation and a text to speech feature!’
Langage Studio
Language Weaver
Lilt Online Yes w/ adaptive MT; its adaptive MT implementation is cool, but its MT engine isn't as good as Google Translate
Lingobit localizer
Lionbridge Translation Workspace:
Logoport Logoport is an online TM and translation system from Lionbridge, a world leader in translation. Logoport allows you to set up large work groups. With open standards, Logoport supports the zliff format. The system integrates all automated translation engines directly linked to the Lionbridge vocabulary base.
MateCat Online Free, online CAT tool developed by, who also made MyMemory, a gigantic translation memory with “4,846,362,480 human contributions”, and counting.
memoQ Desktop Yes Had gotten too heavy/slow to use comfortably. UI was unresponsive, scrolling through long list ​in Translation results window too slow. However, the latest version seems to have improved and I can recommend it again. So many things just work in memoQ, which are permanently bungled in SDL Trados Studio. Just wish more agencies would choose memoQ instead of Studio.
Currently my go-to CAT tool.
MemoQ WebTrans
Memsource Online Yes Pretty good (for an online tool). Pity it doesn't have proper support for SDL Trados packages. Also, I really like its UI/layout, which (as far as I can tell) was copied from memoQ.
MetaTexis Desktop Yes MetaTexis is a CAT software that works with Word. It can read and process Trados and Wordfast documents and can also use the Trados and Workbench memory manager.
Multilizer Software localisation Development seems to have stopped around 2015.
Nib Translate
Okapi tools
Olifant TMX editor


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