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Keywords: Dutch patent translator, Dutch translator, patents, terminologist, e-terminologist, octrooivertaler, octrooien, Patent translation, Translation UK, Beijer, vertaler Nederlands-Engels, vertaler Engels, specialised terminology, multilingual, dictionaries, dictionary, woordenboek, woordenlijst, Dutch to English, Dutch-English, professional translation for Dutch, translate into Dutch, Dutch English translator, technical translator, Wordbook, patent applications, octrooivertaling, octrooivertalingen, juridische vertalingen, technische vertalingen, technische vertaler,, Lilt, octrooiopposities, technische teksten, Hastings

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Desktop search tools

Name Indexing Content search Highlight search term in preview? Info Platform
Agent Ransack Baby brother of FileLocator Pro (see below).
Ambar See also:
Archivarius 3000
AnyTXT Searcher
Copernic Desktop Search Yes Yes Yes Windows
CSearcher No
DocFetcher Yes Yes
DocFetcher Pro Yes Yes Yes
dtSearch Yes Yes Yes Nothing really touches this. At some point, with all the other tools, you will run into problems such as a file being too big to be indexed, previewed, etc.
Not with dtSearch, as this is a business grade tool. It also previews PDFs perfectly, fully preserving the original file and highlighting the search term.
Everything No
Exselo Desktop Yes Windows, Mac
FileLocator Pro Yes Yes Very good, but search term isn’t highlighted in PDF previews, like in dtSearch/Copernic, e.g.
Lemur See: Indri/Lucindri. ‘No further development is being done with Indri. Please check out our latest project, Lucindri, which is the Indri search logic built on the Lucene search engine.’
Locate32 Watch out, its (non-sourceforge) website seems to contain a trojan/virus.
Lookeen Yes Yes
Puggle Desktop
QuikFynd Windows
searchmonkey Yes Yes Yes Discontinued?
Terrier Yes Yes Windows ‘binary’ download is just a bunch of .bat files. That is, will require some tinkering to get working. Java
UltraSearch Professional Yes Yes No Developed by Uses the Windows Search index, but doesn't seem to highlight the search terms in the preview. Windows
X1 Yes Yes Yes Windows

See also various open source search technologies:

  • Lucene
    • Solr
    • Elasticsearch

Note: Solr and Elasticsearch are both based on Lucene.

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