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Online backup and sync software

Name Type Review Conflict handling Delta sync
Air Explorer
Amazon Drive Seems to be one of the only sync solutions offering differential sync (or delta sync). However, otherwise a pretty abysmal experience. Yes
Backblaze Backup Yes
Cloud Xtender
CloudBuckit (✞)
CrashPlan Backup Yes
Dropbox Sync The granddaddy of cloud backup/syncing. Their recent (completely pointless) overhaul of the UI notwithstanding, Dropbox is still unbeatable if you want all your work files synced between multiple locations and need a good delta/differential sync system so each time you make one tiny change to a 2GB file you don't have to reupload the whole thing. Over and over again. I'm looking at you, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Yes
Duplicacy Backup Yes
Duplicati Backup
ExpanDrive mounts Google Drive as Z:/, but with a substantial lag
Google’s Backup & Sync, Drive for Desktop, Drive File Stream, etc. Note: Since nothing Google makes has Delta sync, every time you make a tiny change to a massive file the stupid system has to reupload the entire thing. Only Dropbox (and a few others) support Delta sync, which makes all of these solutions completely useless for my purposes. 2nd file renamed to conflict file No
odrive 2nd file renamed to conflict file
Nextcloud open-source private cloud solution No
OneDrive Sync Yes
OwnCloud open-source private cloud solution Pretty interesting, just wish I could change that horrible light green colour of the UI. Yes
Pydio open-source private cloud solution
Resilio Sync formerly BitTorrent Sync
Seafile open-source private cloud solution Yes
SparkleShare open-source private cloud solution
StableBit CloudDrive Google Drive alternative, but creates random files in your Google Drive
StableBit DrivePool “Files are never locked by duplication at any time. This means that other programs can continue to use the pool even while existing files are being duplicated.”
Syncthing open-source private cloud solution ‘Syncthing has NO central server. It is peer-to-peer file/folder synchronization. you run the Syncthing application on EVERY device you want to sync. It is both server and client and only talks with other Syncthing applications. You cannot share individual files with Syncthing.’ (src) I think so
Zoolz / BigMIND meh

Open source private cloud solutions

  • ownCloud
  • Nextcloud
  • Seafile
  • Syncthing
  • Pydio
  • SparkleShare

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