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  • creel


  • roving creel, creel (‘A rack holding bobbins or spools when spinning.’)

Usage examples

CJCPE (Electrical)2 Oct 07 18:42

Before cotton is spun into yarn it goes through various stages of cleaning and arrangement of the fibers in parallel. The final stage (or one possible final stage) is the production of roving, a loose group of parallel fibers that is twisted just enough so that it can be wound on bobbins and unwound again. A number of bobbins of roving are accumulated in a rack called a roving creel. I believe that the creel contains the winding mechanism which would need to be powered somehow. From the roving creel, the roving is unwound from the bobbins and fed into the spinning machine which combines the strands of roving into one continuous strand of more tightly twisted yarn.

The filled roving creel may actually be moved from the lapping, combing and drawing department to the spinning department, but I don't think the textile people say that the roving roves from one department to the other.

I believe that other natural fibers, textured synthetic fibers and blended fibers may also go through processing that involves accumulating roving in a creel.


1. a wickerwork basket, esp one used to hold fish
2. a wickerwork trap for catching lobsters, etc
3. the framework on a spinning machine that holds the bobbins
4. West Yorkshire dialect
a wooden frame suspended from a ceiling, used for drying clothes
Collins English Dictionary

He said he believed that dust had remained on the looms and yarn creels when the workers returned after the summer shutdown.

A creel is a device for holding the required number of roving spools or other supply packages of reinforcement fibers for Fiber Reinforced Plastics manufacturing. This device holds the rovings in the desired position for unwinding in continuous processes like Pultrusion and Filament Winding. (gs1:PackagingFeatureCode-CREEL)

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