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  • dijk


  • dyke (UK English)
  • dike (US English)
  • bank
  • embankment, levee
  • (in België: promenade langs strand) front
  • [GWIT: HYDROL., CIV.ENG.] digue (Not sure where he got this)


Dike vs. dyke
In American and Canadian English, dike is the preferred spelling of the noun referring to (1) an embankment used to prevent floods, and (2) a low wall dividing lands. Dyke is the preferred spelling in all other main varieties of English.


[F. digue, in OF. also dique, a. Flem. dijk, dike q.v.]

= dike. (In reference to Holland, Flanders, or France. Now only used for local colouring.)
• 1523 Ld. Berners Froiss. 4 b/1 With the fyrste flodde they came before the Digues of Holande [pr. Dignes; hence Grafton Chron. II. 210 dignesse].
• 1645 City Alarum 10 Opposing a Digue to stop the torrent.
• 1673 Temple Obs. United Prov. Wks. 1731 I. 13 In Zealand they absolutely gave over the working at their Digues.
• 1702 Dennis Monument xvi. 8 Whose stately Tow'rs Are to the Storms of Arbitrary Pow'r, What its Digues are to the Tempestuous Main.
• 1886 Athenæum 22 May 686/1 Girls gossiping on the digue of stone which defends the place against the sea.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

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