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  • hierbij; hiermee; hier mee
    • at this
    • at that (ik zal het hierbij laten = I will leave it at that)
    • with this
    • hereby (verklaren, as in: hierbij verklaar ik de Spelen voor geopend = I hereby declare the Games opened)
    • this is where
    • for this purpose
    • in such a situation
    • in such a situation
    • in a situation such as this
    • in such a situation
    • in a situation such as this
    • in this regard
    • I am pleased to present you with …
    • in this regard

in a letter

  • hierbij treft u aan =
    • herewith you will find
    • enclosed you will find
    • attached you will find
  • hierbij wilde ik u vragen of … =
    • I am writing to ask you if …

moreover, in addition (to this), besides, etc.

  • hierbij komt nog dat hij … =
    • moreover, he …
    • in addition (to this), he …
    • besides, he …


  • therein (In that place, document, or respect.)
  • herein (1. In this document or book 1.1 Used to introduce something that depends on or arises from what has just been mentioned)
  • wherein (In which)

see also waarbij

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