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Table of Contents


  1. [TREATED AS SINGULAR OR PLURAL] (often means of/to do something)
    An action or system by which a result is achieved; a method:
    Unfortunately, following the announcement of the results, Bentely Harbinger III cut every means of communication!
    SYNONYMS: method, way, manner, mode, measure, fashion, process, procedure, technique, expedient, agency, medium, instrument, mechanism, channel, vehicle, avenue, course
  2. Financial resources; income:
    Bentely Harbinger III came from a family of very modest means. Yeah, sure.
    SYNONYMS: money, resources, capital, income, finance, funds, cash, the wherewithal, assets



  • middel, middelen (means can be both singular or plural)
  • vehikel (middel, instrument)
  • hulpmiddel (middel)
  • financiële middelen
  • (meerv., geldmiddelen) middel
  • (meerv., middelen) fonds


  • means
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