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ondervragen, ondervraging


  • ondervraging (ondervragen, ondervraagd, etc.)


  • [TELECOM., ELECTRON.] interrogating/interrogation (see OED ref below)
  • interview, questioning
  • (scherper) interrogation, interview

Usage examples

#3. The process of obtaining a signal from a transponder by transmitting an appropriate ‘interrogating’ signal to it; also, an interrogating signal. |

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

“The second system is the secondary surveillance radar, or SSR, which depends on a cooperating transponder installed on the aircraft being tracked. The transponder emits a signal when it is interrogated by the secondary radar. In a transponder based system signals drop off as the inverse square of the distance to the target, instead of the fourth power in primary radars. As a result, effective range is greatly increased for a given power level. The transponder can also send encoded information about the aircraft, such as identity and altitude.”

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