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  • spanlijn (synonyms: stormlijn, scheerlijn, tuidraad, tui)


  • guy, guy line, guyline, guy rope, guy-rope, stay1) , tent line
    • (Def. 1) A rope or line fixed to the ground to secure a tent or other structure.
    • (Def. 2) A rope or cable (a line) used to restrain the motion of something. As a cable used to prevent a mast from falling over.
  • tensioning line, tension line, tension cord, tension rope


  • Spannleine
stay ( A large rope, wire, or rod used to support a ship's mast, leading from the masthead to another mast or spar or down to another part of the ship. (1.1) A guy or rope supporting a flagstaff or other upright pole. (1.2) A supporting wire or cable on an aircraft.
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