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aan abbreviations above access acronyms act action active after against agency agent agreement air al all als also analysis another any application area art association at authority auto automatic available back balance band bank bar base based basic basis be been before beijer being best between bij block board body both box building business but by call can capacity case center central centre chain change channel check chemical circuit civil class co code collection common communication company component computer condition conditions connection construction contact content contract control core cost cover cross current customer cut cycle dat data database date de definition delivery department design development device deze dictionary die different digital direct direction distribution dit do document door double down drive during dutch each economic edge education een effect electrical electronic element en end energy eng engineering english entry environment environmental equipment er etc eu european example exchange external face factor field file financial first fixed flow food force form format frame free french frequency full function gas general german glossary good government groot ground group guide hand has have head health het high home house html http https human id image index industry information institute interface internal international internet its job joint keep key known land language large last law lead legal length less letter level life light like limit line links list load local long loss low lower machine made main maintenance make maken making man management many mark market master material materials may meaning means measure measurement media medical medium met metal method model more most motor movement multi multiple na naar name national natural ned nederlands need net network new niet nl no non not note notes now number object off office often oil om onder onderzoek one online only ook op open operating operation operations order org organisation organization original other out output over own package paper part particular parts party people per performance period permanent person piece place plan planning plant platform point policy position post power practice pre pressure prettyprint primary private procedure process processing product production products professional program project property protection provide proz public purpose quality range rate ratio re real reference related release rem report research resource resources result return right room run safety same science search second section security see self series service services set short side signal simple single site size small so software some source space special specific stand standard standards start state station stock stop storage structure study such supply support surface systeem system systems table tag take te technical technique technology term terminal terms test testing text than then there these they three through time tool tools top tot track trade training transfer translation transmission transport tube tussen two type uit uk under union unit united up us usage use used user using value van various very volume voor waste water way web well werk wet which wide wiki wikipedia within without woordenboek word wordbook worden wordt work working works world year zijn zone 10


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