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Correct and consistent terminology is particularly important in technical translation. I therefore maintain an extensive collection of specialist terminology – glossaries, termbases, word lists, dictionaries, websites, etc. After many years of experimenting with different formats, I recently decided to keep track of all of this information here on For those who are interested in such things, is powered by DokuWiki, the best ‘flat-file’ wiki software currently available. This basically means that the entire site is based on hundreds of plain text files, instead of relying on a relational database such as MySQL.

This page is divided into two main sections:

  • Wordbook: a long list of terminology resources, either just the links to the original location or the actual data itself, converted into a web page and searchable on this site, and
  • Terms :​​​ my own term research

If you’re struggling with a particular term there’s a chance I have already researched and documented it at some point here on the wiki. Try browsing this page or use the search box above!

Title Languages Keywords Notes
0-9 1,154 Abbreviations used in the Construction Industry English Construction
340 acronyms Abbreviations
4567.txt (origin unknown) Dutch, English approx. 45 Dutch-English phrases
(Neder)brackets Dutch, English (Neder)brackets The Dutch have a particular way of (ab)using brackets. In ‘(Neder)brackets’, I try to make sense of some of the worst offenders. Incidentally, the best explanation of this issue I have ever come across is in the chapter, ‘Bracket (ab)use’, in ‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch.
(Vernieuwd) Overzicht militaire afkortingen (military acronyms) Abbreviations, Military 2,691 Dutch-English acronyms used in military contexts
(water)bouw woordenlijst ( Dutch, English Construction
1,826 3-letter acronyms (TLAs) Abbreviations
24 random Dutch-English terms
2400 x Liever Nederlands (onnodig Engels). Dutch, English, German, French
3GPP LTE Abbreviations Dictionary.ld2 Abbreviations 1,785 English entries
42 Dutch-English entries Dutch, English
5985958 (382 Dutch-English terms) Dutch, English
67 random Dutch-English terms Dutch, English
82.doc (found on Dutch Strange document with a very large amount of Dutch data, which I found at
909 random Dutch-English entries CLT.doc Dutch, English
A A Bibliography of Dutch Dictionaries by Frans Claes (Author), Peter Bakema (Author) Dictionaries
A Compleat Dictionary English and Dutch (1766), Willem Sewel & Egbert Buys Dutch, English
A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World (Thomas Wright) English Dictionaries Published by Mittal Publications (India); 5 Volumes, 10 Parts
A Dutch Vocabulary, by Bruce Donaldson (AE Press Melbourne, 1983) Archived on at:
A Glossary of Plastics Terminology in 6 Languages ( Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Plastics (Глоссарий терминов в области индустрии пластмасс на 6 языках)
A Glossary of Selected Fiber and Textile Terms ( English Textile
A Glossary of Common Terms for Land and Land Tenure English Property English terms with definitions
A Glossary of Weaving Terms (Weaver House) English Textile English terms with definitions
A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting (3rd edition), Kenneth A. Adams.
A to Z of Diamonds Glossary English Diamonds
ABB Electrification Products division (multilingual glossary)
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms Dutch, English Abbreviations Abbreviations
About the Dutch language 2.0, by McGraw-Hill (online version: McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology).
Acronyms & Abbreviations (by Michael Beijer) Multilingual Abbreviations This is where I keep track of abbreviations I come across while translating.
AcronymGenie.sdltb Abbreviations
acronyms (some).xls Abbreviations
Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms (defined) Abbreviations
ACRONYMS+ABBREVIATIONS (DE, FR, English, NL).txt German, French, English, Dutch Abbreviations 713 acronyms
Acronyms used in the CISA Exam English Abbreviations, CISA
Addenda bij Woordenboek Scheeps- Regel- en Installatietechniek (Delévaque/SRT, 1994-1996) French, English, Dutch Full of useful terms; hard to find.
Afkortingen BOA (
Afkortingen en definities - Beleidsdraaiboek Klassieke Varkenspest & Afrikaanse Varkenspest Dutch, English
Afkortingen railAlert Railway
Afkortingenlijst (found 2020-01-14) Dutch
Afkortingenlijst t.b.v. Supply Chain Management, Inkoop en Logistiek (Hessel Visser) Dutch, English Abbreviations 2010
Afkortingenlijst voor Engelse tijdschriften (181 entries) English Abbreviations 181 entries
AGARD - Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary, Acronyms and Abbreviations English Abbreviations Approx. 3,000 acronyms
AGROVOC Thesaurus Agriculture AGROVOC is a multilingual controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Air cargo terms Dutch, English Aviation A list of mainly English aviation related terms with Dutch definitions.
Aircraft Systems - Abbreviations and Acronyms (Prof. Dieter Scholz) English Aviation, Abbreviations University of Applied Sciences, Fachhochschule Hamburg, FACHBEREICH FAHRZEUGTECHNIK UND FLUGZEUGBAU
AIRGLOSS: Air Infiltration Glossary, by Carolyn Allen et al. (Oscar Faber Partnership, 1988)
Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek (ANW) - corpusgebaseerd woordenboek van eigentijdse Nederlands.
Alpex Textile Glossary English Textile
American and British English spelling differences ( English fibre vs fiber, centre vs center, lorry vs truck, etc.
Amo Institute of Sciences Multilingual The Amo Institute of Sciences was formerly known as ‘Lycaeus’. The Institute produces and maintains a number of specialised dictionaries and encyclopedic dictionaries including thesauri.
Analyse van op fijn stof gesorbeerde toxische organische micropolluenten (Wim Geeraerts) Dutch Chemistry
Animals (Dutch, English and Latin - 7,197 entries) Dutch, English, Latin Animals, Latin
ANNEX 31 - Glossary terms relating to the energy-related environmental performance of buildings Dutch, English, French, German, Swedish Environmental Performance of Buildings (256 entries) glossary of paper industry terms Dutch, English, French, German Paper industry 1,726 entries (with Dutch definitions)
Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages ( Dutch, English 964 entries
A Pirate’s Glossary (from ‘abaft’ to ‘yo-ho-ho’) English Piracy
Apple Glossary Dutch, English 43,698 entries
A Pocket Guide to Call Center Terms and Acronyms English Abbreviations, Call centres
Aquo-lex Waterwoordenboek (version 10, 2010)
Art & Architecture Thesaurus Dutch, English. Dutch, English x
Art & Architecture Thesaurus.
A Slightly Abridged Glossary of Gardening and Plant Terms ( English Gardening
ASTM Online Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology.
Automotive glossaries Automotive
Automotive Glossary ( Automotive
Automotive Glossary_Yamaha Tweetakt Club Nederland.sdltb Automotive
Automotive Glossary: Technisch Woordenboek Engels Nederlands (1,462 Dutch, English entries). Automotive
Automotive Glossary: Technisch Woordenboek Engels Nederlands. Dutch, English Automotive
Automotive terms (W.P. Barendsen & D. Belau, 2001) Dutch, English, German Automotive 166 Dutch-English-German entries
Autowoordenboek (Japanese-English - Dutch Translation Glossary) by Parahuys. Automotive
Autowoordenboek (Japanese-English Dutch Translation Glossary) by Parahuys. Automotive
Autowoordenboek Engels - Nederlands (Gerrit Speek) Dutch, English Automotive ‘als je Engels een beetje roestig is geworden…’, Deel 1 Engels-Nederlands / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck Dutch, English Automotive, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck Automotive (15,430 entries).
Autowoordenboek: viertalig technisch woordenboek voor de auto- en motorrijwielbranche (S. van Renssen)(Kluwer, 1959) French, English, Dutch, German Automotive Thanks to Gerrit Speek for the tip! (Woordenschat per thema) (908 entries). Dutch, English x (Woordenschat per thema).
Aviation & ballooning glossaries (see also: )
B (v5) Multilingual ‘BabelNet is an innovative multilingual encyclopedic dictionary, with wide lexicographic and encyclopedic coverage of terms, and a semantic network/ontology which connects concepts and named entities in a very large network of semantic relations, made up of about 20 million entries. Conceived within the Sapienza NLP Group, engineered and maintained by Babelscape, BabelNet follows the WordNet model based on the notion of synset (for synonym set), but extends it to contain multilingual lexicalizations. Each BabelNet synset represents a given meaning and contains all the synonyms which express that meaning in a range of different languages.’ (
BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms (by Irving Kind) English Abbreviations Around 3,500 English abbreviations and acronyms. Last update around 1996.
Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.
BBA Pumps (Technical Dictionary).xlsx
Beer and Brewing Terminology: Vertaling Engelse brouwerstermen naar het Nederlands, (3,000 entries)
begrippenlijst-biomassa-uit-bossen-nederlands-engels-alterra-wageningen-ur Dutch, English
Begrippenlijst Post21 (Prorail) Railway
Begrippenlijst Prorail Railway
Begrippenlijst railAlert Railway
Begrippenlijst Spoorbeeld ( Railway
Begrippenlijst Spoorse Begrippen (RWS Objecttypenbibliotheek > Collections > Prorail documenten) Dutch, English
Begrippenlijst Spoorse Begrippen (RWS Objecttypenbibliotheek > Collections > Prorail documenten).
Begrippenlijst Spoortermen (323 begrippen gesorteerd op alfabet, published by
Begrippenlijst - Uitleg bij vaktermen die op gebruikt worden. Dutch Linguistics ivdnt = Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal
Beijer Cement Glossary (Dutch-English) Dutch, English Cement
Beijer Railway Glossary (Michael Beijer) Dutch, English Railway Lost & Found
Beknopt Technisch Woordenboek, A.J. Mulder (1917) ‘Beknopt technisch woordenboek. Woorden en uitdrukkingen voorkomende in waterbouwkunde, algemeene bouwkunde, bouwstoffen, landmeten en waterpassen en werktuigkunde.’
Belastingdienst - Engelse termenlijst Dutch, English Tax
Bel-Memorial glossary (monumenten en andere gedenkstukken) French, Dutch
Bense, J.F.: A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary (Martinus Nijhoff, 1939). (Van aanmaakwater tot zwavelzuuraantasting) Dutch, English Cement Useful glossary of Dutch cement related terms, often with English translations of the headword.
Bicycle & Travel Dictionary (Dutch-English), Edwin Seldenthuis (279 entries).
Bikers Dictionary: motorcycle-related terminology (213 entries) .
Bilingual lexicography from a communicative perspective; Heming Young & Jing Peng (John Benjamins B.V.).
BiSL (Business Information Services Library) glossary (Download as .txt or .xls).
Black Box Glossary x - ‘koop en verkoop van tweedehands boekenMultilingual Second-hand bookshops The best place I have ever found to track down hard to find 2nd hand dictionaries. Especially Dutch language stuff.
Botanical Glossary, John Bruinsma & Wim van der Ven (botanical & landscape terms) (1,777 entries).
Bouwkundige termen Nederlands-Engels-Frans-Duits ( Dutch, English, French, German Construction Approx. 560 construction related terms in 4 Dutch, English, French and German
Bouwkundige termen Nederlands/Engels/Duits/Frans ( (562 entries). Dutch, English, French, German Automotive Glossary (2,484 entries). Dutch, English
Brandbeveiliging Woordenlijst (Specifieke terminologie van de brandbestrijding, reddingsacties en behandeling van gevaarlijke stoffen)
Brepols’ Engels woordenboek, J.R.S. Cauberghe (2 volumes) (1,816 pages) (Published in 1940, by Brepols).
Brinkman’s cumulatieve catalogus van boeken ISSN 0007-0165
Broekhof, K.: Notebook: Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels. (4de) (Sardes, 1999).
Building Products in 4 Languages ('Viertalige woordenlijst').csv
Business Law Guide to Belgium (2nd ed.), Edited by Ivo Van Bael, Jean-Francois Bellis (650 pages) (1993).
C Calculus 2 voor Bouwkunde (Calculus Glossary) Dutch, English Mathematics 191 Dutch-English entries
Call Center Glossary: Learn Key Call Center Terms with Accurate Always ( English Abbreviations, Call centres
Call Center Metrics: Glossary of Terms (North American Quitline Consortium, 2010) English Abbreviations, Call centres 95 terms relating to call centres
Cambridge Handbook of Educational Abbreviations and Terms English Education, Abbreviations 1,199 English abbreviations/terms. Courtesy of Hans Visser (
Campagne’s Engelsch Woordenboek (R. van Duinen) Dutch, English Dictionaries
Cassell’s English Dutch, Dutch English Dictionary, H Coenders (Continuum, 2000) (1,582 pages).
Category:Terms Dutch, English My own research.
Cedefop acronyms (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) Dutch, English Abbreviations 51 Dutch-english acronyms
Cement Glossary (Dutch-English) Textiel woordenboek NL-EN (2,000 entries).
Chocolate Codex: Glossary ( English Chocolate
CIMAC Lexicon (technical terms used in internal combustion engine & gas turbine industries (567 entries).
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor terminology (562 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English CISA
Clothing industry glossary (AMTS Technique de Confection)(NL-FR-EN-DE) Dutch, French, English, German Textile (Dutch, French, English, German; approx. 10,000 terms)(Divided into 4 parts)
Cloud Computing woordenlijst Dutch IT
Cloud of the 500 most frequently used words in
Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) (Dutch-English glossary) Dutch, English Procurement 5,030 Dutch-English entries
Communications Standards Review (CSR) acronyms ( (3,700 English acronyms)
Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms - A. Arabi (Auerbach, 2008).
Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms A. Arabi (Auerbach, 2008). (493 entries).
Construction industry acronyms (4,209 entries) English Construction, Abbreviations
CONTACT CENTER DEFINITIONS: Glossary of contact center, call center and customer experience terms ( English Call centres
Coronavirus Glossary (Dutch-English) Dutch, English Coronavirus, COVID-19
Crane Handbook Glossary
Crane Handbook Glossary (URL) Cranes
D DAVINCI_Frencken Europe.
DaVinci_Lovink Enertech - glossary (via DaVinci).xls
DaVinci_Lovink Enertech glossary (via DaVinci).xls
DCEP: Digital Corpus of the European Parliament. ???
DCEP: Digital Corpus of the European Parliament. ☆☆☆
‘De Belgische vertaler’ – Vertalende woordenboeken (Tradbelvert) ‘De site “De Belgische vertaler” vult “De pagina van de Belgische vertaler” aan. Bedoeling is een selectie van hulpmiddelen, tips en knepen bijeen te brengen, voornamelijk ten behoeve van de Belgische vertalers’ (1,022 resources)
De Clerck, Walter: Nijhoffs Zuidnederlands woordenboek (Nijhoff, 1981, 854pp).
De Financiële Begrippenlijst ( (many terms contain Eng. translations).
De pagina van de Belgische vertaler + De Belgische vertaler (Start page). Dutch, English
De Valks Juridisch Woordenboek, derde druk: Dirix, Eric; Tilleman, Bernard.
De vreemde woorden. Verklarend woordenboek, by Fokko Bos (Published by Wereldbibliotheek, Amsterdam, 1914) Dutch Dictionaries
Definities en afkortingen (in Prorail PDF found online) Railway
Delévaque, J.: SRI Woordenboek scheeps-, regelen installatietechniek (SRT vertaalbureau en uitgeverij, 1994) FR/EN/NL
Delévaque, J.: Addenda bij Woordenboek Scheeps- Regel- en Installatietechniek (SRT vertaalbureau en uitgeverij, 1994-1996) FR/EN/NL Full of useful terms; hard to find.
De terminologie van het Nederlands erfrecht in het Engels en in het Frans Dutch, English, French Law, Inheritance law, Succession law ‘Dutch succession law terminology in English and French’ ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806978-0-5; 193 pages
Deutsche Bahn (DB) Anlage 3.1, Wörterliste Deutsch-Niederländisch Railway
DGT-TM: Directorate-General for Translation Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire. - 12,101 Dutch-English terms Dutch, English 12,101 Dutch-Engish entries
Dictionary for Building Technology Terminology (Technische Universiteit Delft) Dutch, English Construction (‘Technology Seminars on Building Technology English English Dictionary Building Technology’)
Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering, Korchomkin, S.N., et al. (Kluwer, 1985).
Dictionary of Agriculture: In German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian by Gunther Haensch and G. Haberkamp de Anton German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian Agriculture
Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering, Korchomkin, S.N., et al. (Kluwer, 1985) English, German, French, Dutch, Russian Construction
Dictionary of Corporate Finance & Investment: EN/DE/FR/NL, D. Phillips & M. Whysall (Wolters Plantyn).
Dictionary of Electronics, by R. G. Mirimanov (Editor), etc. English, German, French, Dutch, Russian Kluwer Academic Publishers
Dictionary of English Abbreviations (5,161 English abbreviations) Abbreviations
Dictionary of Lexicography, R. R. K. Hartmann, Gregory James
Dictionary of Molinology (English, German, French, Dutch) EN/DE/FR/NL
Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terminology EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, A.S. Markov, et al. (Springer, 1984). EN/DE/FR/NL/RU
Dictionary of Terms Master (619 multilingual entries) Dutch, English, French, German Chemistry (found on
Dictionnaire des termes juridiques en quatre langues = Viertalig juridisch woordenboek = Legal dictionary in four languages = Rechtswöterbuch in vier sprachen / Edgard Le Docte (Le Docte, Edgard, 1978) Free dictionaries project (tons of languages)(4,311 NL-EN entries).
Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven: Woordenlijst NL-EN (356 entries).
Digischool: Begrippenlijst ‘Ruimtelijke ordening’ NL
Digischool Begrippenlijst ‘Stedelijke Gebieden NL’ NL
Dinoclay: Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words: R. Wilt, et al..
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms: Shortened Word Forms English Military (3,582 entries)
Dokmar Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands (Dokmar Maritime Publishers B.V.) Dutch, English Dokmar, Maritime Multilingual This website hosts a ton of (illegal) PDFs of great dictionaries.
Dredging Glossary (38 NL-EN terms relating to a ‘sleephopperzuiger’ (trailing suction hopper dredger).
Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa)_Terminologielijst Nederlandse Emissieautoriteit.xls (185 entries) Dutch, English
Dutch genealogical research glossary (‘Woordenboek/dictionary genealogie’):
Dutch Parallel Corpus (‘DPC’), (Nederlandse Taalunie) (10-million-word NL-EN & NL-FR parallel corpus).
Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary for South Africa & Europe in the Simplified (kollewijn) Dutch Spelling, by C.J Van Rijn (1908) Dutch, English Dictionaries Full title: ‘Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary for South Africa & Europe in the Simplified (Kollewijn) Dutch Spelling, With the Common Cape Dutch Words, and Containing in the Second Part the Pronunciation of Every Word’
Dutch-English Cardiovascular Glossary - by Marie Brotnov (179 entries) Dutch, English Cardiovascular, Medical
Dutch-English glossary with 1,654 entries (origin unknown) Dutch, English
DUTCH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (by Jerzy Kazojć) Dutch, English
Dutch-English dictionary created from OmegaWiki database Dutch, English
Dutch-English Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Brokling, L.G., published by the author 1983. Dutch, English
Dutch-English glossary with 1,654 entries (origin unknown) Dutch, English
Dutch-English Freedict Dictionary (22,753 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English
Dutch-English-German-Portuguese-Spanish Glossary Dutch, English/DE/PT/ES Woordenboek Nederlands Engels Dutch, English
Dutch medical terms and body parts in Dutch ( Dutch, English Medical
Dutch sailing terminology ( Dutch, English Sailing English-Dutch nautical/sailing terminology
E e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography, Fuertes-Olivera, P.A. & Bergenholtz, H.
Earste algemiene list fan kompjûterbegripen foar de Fryske taal
Ecclesiastical Abbreviations
ECDC-TM: 25-language TM by the ‘European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’.
ECHA-TERM - Multilingual Chemical Terminology by ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency) Multilingual REACH (relating to REACH terminology)
EDANA Glossary of Nonwoven Terms English Textile 'EDANA is the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries.'
EDANA Translation of Nonwoven Terms English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Textile 'EDANA is the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries.'
Eerste nederlandse systematisch ingerichte encyclopædie (1946–52; ‘First Dutch Systematic and Comprehensive Encyclopaedia’) Dutch Encyclopedias 1946-52
electricity NL stuff.xls
Elsevier's Dictionary of Automation Technics (English, German, French, Russian)
Elsevier's Dictionary of Information Security
Elsevier's Dictionary of Office Automation (English, German, French, Dutch)
Elsevier’s Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries (2nd ed.)(Elsevier Science, 1983) English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Printing In English (with definitions), French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian
Elsevier’s Dictionary of Architecture in Five Languages - English-French-Spanish-German-Dutch (REF NA31.E56 1988) (Looking to buy this)
Elsevier’s Dictionary of Television, Radar and Antennas in Six Languages (English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German)
EMA veterinary medicinal products TMs, version 8 via
EMEA: European Medicines Agency (13 million Dutch-English segments)
End, Aart van den (ed.): Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon (‘JurLex’) (The Legal and Economic Lexicon) Law Gateway Woordenboeken
End, Aart van den (ed.): Onroerend Goed Lexicon (The Property Lexicon) Law, Property Gateway Woordenboeken
Engelsch woordenboek (1920), Karel ten Bruggencate (author) (Pub. 1920 by J.B. Wolters, Groningen).
English-Dutch Glossary for Industrial Production, 5th edition (© 2016 Boom uitgevers Amsterdam)
English-words (text file w/ over 466,000 English words) European Dictionary Portal Zoek in honderden encyclopedieën en woordenboeken Dutch Encyclopedias ‘Zoek in honderden encyclopedieën en woordenboeken … Waaronder: Groot woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, Winkler Prins Encyclopedie, Atletiekwoordenboek, Borrelwoordenboek, Encyclopedie van de Evolutiebiologie, Lexicon van Ethiek, Sinterklaaslexicon, Bijbels Lexicon en meer!’
Erasmus University: Juridische afkortingen Erasmus Universiteit (NL abbreviations/acronyms)
Ernst Kers’ ‘Translation of some tram related words’ Railway afkortingen Dutch Medical
ETIM: European Technical Information Model for the classification of technical products.
EUconst: A parallel corpus collected from the European Constitution (6,479 segments).
EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon (A single point of access to validated ATM terminology) English Aviation ‘The EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon offers the whole aeronautical community single access to a terminology tool containing ATM-related terms and their validated definitions.Based on a semantic MediaWiki platform, it also provides an environment where experts can make their own contributions and discuss new concepts and definitions.’ EUROCONTROL = the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation.
EUROCONTROL - AIRIAL (Air Navigation Inter-Site Acronym List) English Aviation
EUROPARL3: European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus 1996-2009 (1,285,372 entries)
EuroPat English — German, English — French
European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Netherlands: V.d. Heijden, P.F. + De Gier, E.
European Glossary for Wildfires and Forest Fires (EUFOFINET Fire Glossary)
European Patent Office (EPO) Glossary English Patents
EuroTermBank: multilingual terminology portal (accessible from within memoQ).
EUROVOC Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union (6,797 entries) (6,797 entries)
Exploring Translation Theories, by Anthony Pym English Translation theory Exploring Translation Theories presents a comprehensive analysis of the core contemporary paradigms of Western translation theory.’
Export/Import & Foreign Trade International Business Glossary (EENI - Global Business School).
Export/Import & Foreign Trade International Business Glossary (EENI Global Business School).
Ernst & Young Glossary English
F F Dicts (, Tony Lopez)
Fachwörterbuch Bild und Rahmen - German-English-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch-Danish-Swedish (REF N8550.K36 1992) (Looking to buy this)
FAHRZEUGTECHNIK UND FLUGZEUGBAU (Aircraft Systems, Abbreviations and Acronyms) English Abbreviations useful glossary of geneological research terms (971 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English (971 Dutch-English entries) Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms Dutch, English Printing 601 Dutch-English terms Glossary of Screen and Digital Printing Terms Printing Full, multilingual version in 11 languages
Financial Glossary (25,240 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English Finance
Financieel Economisch Lexicon (FELOnline) by A.J. de Keizer Dutch, English Subscriptions Must-have resource for any Dutch-English translators working in finance/business, etc.
Financieel woordenboek, by Roeland M. van Pol (Financieel Dagblad, 2000).
Fiscaal technisch Nederlands-Engels woordenlijst (found on iNDENT mailing list) Dutch, English Tax approx. 500 Dutch-English terms
Flemish-Dutch Glossary ( Dutch Flemish/Vlaams
Free Dictionary Online ( Multilingual Behind this deceptively simple name hides a gigantic treasure trove of high quality …[10]
Freeware data from Ergane (19,936 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English
Fockema Andreae's Juridisch Woordenboek, R.D.J. van Caspel, HRW Gokkel, CAW Klijn (14de druk).
Football Language Glossary
G Gardening Glossary: Common Gardening Terms You Should Know Gardening
Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage, 3rd edition, Bryan Garner. Law
GCSE Dutch Vocabulary List (1,619 Dutch-English terms)
Geïllustreerde woordenlijst vervoersstatistiek (International Transport Forum, ITF)(vierde editie) Dutch Transport Economische Commissie voor Europa, Eurostat, ITF (International Transport Forum)
Geïntegreerde Taalbank (GTB) van het Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL)
GEMET Thesaurus 4.0 (‘General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus’)(EEA) Dutch, English by The European Environment Agency
Geneological Research Glossary (Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer) (115 NL-EN entries).
Geospatial Glossary (GOV.UK) English English terms with definitions
German-English legal dictionaries German, English German, German dictionaries, German-English bilingual dictionaries
GEONET: Dutch-English list of geotechnical engineering entries (905 entries).
Glass Dictionary: by the European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Making (CERFAV), France. very large multilingual dictionary with open-source data (Wiktionary, OmegaWiki, etc) Amazing multilingual dictionary and concordancer, created by two Polish guys.
Glossarissimo! (Monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology for translators & interpreters…) MULTILINGUAL Absolutely amazing collection of monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology for translators & interpreters.
GLOSSARIUM - Technische woordenschat in 4 talen (mode/confectie-industrie) NL/FR/DE/EN Textile ontwikkeld door IVOC (
Glossary of Aged Care Terminology
Glossary of Architectural Terms (562 Dutch-English entries)
Glossary of Automotive terms, by W.P.Barendsen & D. Belau 2001 (167 NL-EN-DE entries)
Glossary of Automotive terms, by W.P.Barendsen & D. Belau 2001
Glossary of Biotechnology entries 3rd ed - K. Nill (CRC, 2002)
Glossary of Botanical & Horticultural Terms (Zesde druk) - By Herman Busser Dutch, English Botany ‘Een verklarende lijst van Engelse botanische, tuinbouwkundige en aanverwante vakuitdrukkingen verzameld en samengesteld door Herman Busser’
Glossary of Carriages
Glossary of Common Medical Terms and Definitions Commonly Used in the Past, by Kathleen Schaible
Glossary of conveyors terms and definitions (IS 4240) (1984, Indian Standards Institution) English Palletising Very good resource with lots of clear definitions and pictures.
Glossary of magnetic microstructures + magnetic domains by Hubert & Schäfer (313 entries)
Glossary of medical terms (
Glossary of Miscellaneous Items (4,441 NL-EN entries) Dutch, English/DE x
Glossary of Pallet Terms (H&S Forest Products) English Palletising
Glossary of Patent Terms (Patent Information Users Group, PIUG) English Patents
Glossary of patent law terms ( English Patents
Glossary of Project Management Terms (Appendix 1) English Business found somewhere online
‘Glossary of project management terms’ by the Association for Project Management (APM) English Business APM = the Association for Project Management
Glossary of Pump Terms (Atlantic Pumps) English Pumps 25 English terms, with definitions
Glossary of Pump Terms ( English Pumps Approx. 680 English pump terms with definitions.
Glossary of rail transport terms (from The Railway Technical Website)
Glossary of rail transport terms (on Wikipedia).
Glossary of Railroad Lingo (from Railroad Avenue, by Freeman H. Hubbard, 1945)
Glossary of railway terminology-selectionEN-FR-DE.pdf
Glossary of stock market terms (Wikipedia) English Wikipedia, Stock market, Finance
Glossary of Terms ( English Palletising
Glossary of Terms Relevant to the Identification of Trees and Shrubs English
Glossary of Terms used in the gas industry, Part 6: Combustion and utilization including installation at consumers’ premises (BRITISH STANDARD BS 1179-6: 1980) English Boilers English terms and their definitions (high quality data)
Glossary of Transport (International planning glossaries 2) by Gordon Logie (EN/FR/IT/NL/DE/SE) (Elsevier, 1980)
Glossary: New Transport Technologies (Commission of the European Communities, 1977) Share and organise your glossaries online (dead project)
GNOME Nederland: (‘Het GNOME-NL project is opgezet om GNOME naar het Nederlands te vertalen.’)
Graus, J.M.A.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels, 5de druk (2009).
Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels3)(1993)(Stekhoven, G. Schuurmans & Oxtoby, G.P.)
Groot Woordenboek der Geneeskunde: Encyclopaedia Medica (Stafleu, 1955-1966) Dutch Medical
Grootspoor Afkortingen Railway
Growing Glossary ( English Allotments, Growing ‘a useful definition guide from A-Z of commonly used allotment and growing terminology’
H Halford’s list: Dutch into English dictionaries, or dictionaries including Dutch into English.
Handy Technical Dictionary in 8 Languages (Illustrated)(1949) EN/DE/FR/IT/PT/ES/PO/RU Copyright expired; available on Internet Archive. woordenlijst (4,333 Dutch-English entries)
Handboek voor de studie van het Nederlandsche Octrooirecht in vergelijking met het buitenlandsche recht (Mr. W.H. Drucker, 1924) Dutch Patents
Handbook of Terminology Management (2 volumes), by Sue Ellen Wright and Gerhard Budin (eds).
Hanzehogeschool Groningen.xls
Harper Dictionary of Foreign Terms
Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands (werkplaatshandboek). Dutch, English Automotive 1,357 Dutch-English entries
Health insurance glossary (Dutch-English-German)(244 entries). multilingual glossary (NL, English, FR, DE: 370 entries). multilingual glossary (Dutch, English, French, German: 370 entries)
Hemp Glossary ( Dutch, English Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana, THC, CBD
Hensel, I. Woordenboek informatietechnologie / Nederlands-Engels-Duits / 1ste druk (SDU, 1998).
Het Groene Boekje, de Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal.
Het Muiswerk woordenboek, aangeboden door Juffrouw Blom.
Hilgers, R.: Woordenboek Strafrecht Nederlands-Russisch/Russisch-Nederlands (336pp, 2006).
Hoe vertaal ik de namen van de staatssecretarissen (4 languages)?
Hof van Cassatie: VERWIJZINGEN & AFKORTINGEN (374 Dutch-Dutch entries)
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen ( def_woordenlijst_eng-ne.pdf (approx. 4,000 entries)(URL) Dutch, English #education
HOISTING TERMS NL AND English.txt #lifting
Horse Glossary: Beknopt paardentaal-woordenboek (236 entries) (Download).
Horse Glossary: Beknopt paardentaal-woordenboek (236 entries).
Hossfeld's Dutch dialogues (1903).
HUITENGA (abbreviations).xls
Huitenga, T.: Nederlands-Engels Supplement voor Landbouw- en Milieuwetenschappen (Leiden, 1996). ☆☆☆
Huitenga, T.: Nederlands-Engels Woordenboek voor Landbouwwetenschappen (Numij, Leiden, 1976). ☆☆☆
Human Resources Glossary (1,447 Dutch-English payroll & HR administration terms) Dutch, English HR
Hummelinck, Henk Wagenaar:, Deel 1 Engels-Nederlands.
Hummelinck, Henk Wagenaar:, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels.
Huygens Groot woordenboek 4 talen CDROM (incl. Dutch-English).
IATE: The EU inter-institutional terminology database. Best way to get it is from: ☆☆☆
IEA Annex 31 Glossary (274 NL-EN entries).
Ihagee: The Multi-Lingual Ihagee Dictionary 5 Languages (glossary of photosgraphy terms) (432 entries).
Illustated Technical Dictionary (PIANC, 1932) (FR/DE/EN/SP/IT/NL)
Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian (V.V. Schwartz, et al.)(1984) EN/DE/FR/NL/RU Amazing resource and must-have for every technical translator.
Illustrated Technical Dictionary in six languages (1934, PIANC)
IMSpoor Publicatie Home Railway
Inductel Scientific and Technical Dictionary (120,000+ definitions).
Insects Glossary (79 Dutch-English-Latin entries).
Intel’s Trademarks and Brands (EN-NL) (Download).
Intel’s Trademarks and Brands (EN-NL).
International technical fire service dictionary, Unisaf publications, 1972 (409 pages)(DE/EN/FR/??)
instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal: English pages Linguistics
instituut voor de Nederlandse taal: termenlijsten ‘De termenlijsten zijn ingedeeld naar onderwerp volgens deLibrary of Congress-classificatie.’ (Huge list of glossaries!)
Interne leidraad octrooiverlening (Octrooicentrum Nederland) Dutch Patents (juni 2019, versie 0.09.01) ‘Internet Slang Words and Computer Slang’. - Interessante publicaties op het gebied van internettaal
Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything, Bellos, D.
ISACA Glossary of Terms (English-Dutch)(Second edition, 2012).
ISO 12100.sdltb
IT Glossary: Dutch-English ( Dutch, English IT
ITIL® Glossary of Terms English Dutch v.2.0.
J J.F. Bense, A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary.
J.F. Bense, Anglo-Dutch Relations from the Earliest Times to the Death of William the Third (1925).
Jack M. den Haan_Patent terminology, Version 3, 2018-08-08.sdltb
Jansonius, Dr. H.: (Nieuw) Groot Nederlands-Engels woordenboek voor studie en practijk (Numij, 1972).
Jansonius, Dr. H.: (Nieuw) Groot Nederlands-Engels woordenboek voor studie en practijk (Numij, 1972). ???
Jansonius, Dr. H.: (Nieuw) Groot Nederlands-Engels woordenboek voor studie en practijk (Numij, 1972). ☆☆☆
Jansonius, Dr. H.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek NL-EN/EN-NL (Numij, 1976).
Jansonius, Dr. H.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek NL-EN/EN-NL (Numij, 1976). ???
Jansonius, Dr. H.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek NL-EN/EN-NL (Numij, 1976). ☆☆☆
Japanese Law Translation Memory (407,135 entries).
Java Glossary of Terms (Oracle) English IT
Jen Rouse Language Services
Jong, F.J. de: Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary: English, French, German, Dutch (Nijhoff Kluwer, 1980).
Jonge, A.J.: Viertalig woordenboek voor de verzekeringspraktijk - NL/DE/EN/FR (Kluwer, 1994).
Jonge, A.J.: Viertalig woordenboek voor de verzekeringspraktijk NL/DE/EN/FR (Kluwer, 1994). (10,236 Dutch-English construction terms).csv ‘Bouw Encyclopedie’ (wealth of translations re. construction, w/ images) (Searchable!). ‘Bouw Encyclopedie’ (wealth of translations re. construction, w/ images) (Searchable!). ??? ‘Bouw Encyclopedie’ (wealth of translations re. construction, w/ images) (Searchable!). ☆☆☆ Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (construction terms) (10,236 NL-EN entries).
Jost Zetzsche's Tool Box Journal
Juridische afkortingen Erasmus Universiteit (4,870 mainly Dutch acronyms) Law
Juridische verwijzingen & afkortingen (V&A)
K KDE Localization > Dictionary > Search Translations (Search strings from all KDE translation teams!). IT
KDE-Nederland woordenlijst Dutch, English IT (Approx. 1,030 Dutch-English entries)
KDEdoc: ‘A parallel corpus of KDE manuals’ Dutch, English IT KDEdoc.tmx (1,445 Dutch-English segments)
Keminaco, by Martin Michel (Risk & Safety Phrases + Hazard & Precautionary Statements) Dutch, English
Kernerman Dictionaries (K Dictionaries)
Kevin’s Wordlist Page:, maintained by Kevin Atkinson.
Kimble, ‘Lifting the Fog of Legalese’ Law
Kluwer Woordenboek Bouwkunde, Dutch, English/DE (Sdu Uitgevers, 1997) (624 pages).
Kluwer’s woordenboek informatica, Dutch, English; Raymond Bakker (Kluwer Technische Boeken, 1985)
Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) Glossary of Terms
Koenen Woordenboek Nederlands
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National library of the Netherlands)
Kosmos Mini-woordenboek Engels-Nederlands Dutch, English
Kramers Business Woordenboek Engels (1,683 pages) (Kramers Business, 2001) (out of print).
Kramers encyclopedisch business woordenboek, 7-talig (587 pages) (Kramers Business, 2003).
Kramers, J.: Kramers’ Engels woordenboek: Dutch, English (G.B. van Goor Zonen, 1948).
Kramers’ Engelsch Woordenboek: Engelsch-Nederlands/Nederlandsch-Engelsch Dutch, English Dictionaries, Kramers Dr. F. P. H. Prick Van Wely
KU Leuven biblioth. rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst NEDERLANDSE juridische tijdschriften. Law
KU Leuven bibliotheek rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst BELGISCHE juridische tijdschriften. Law
L Land Rover Dictionary: Multilingual glossary of automotive terms (281 NL-EN entries).
Langenscheidt Universal Dutch Dictionary: Dutch<>English (Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary).
LANGUAGE BURÓ_PVS glossary.docx Dutch, English
Le Docte Viertalig Juridisch Woordenboek (intersentia, 2016)
Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek f/n/e/d, (Maklu, 1995). Dutch, English
Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek, am Zehnhoff, H.W., Timmermans, H., Salmon, Y., Schmatz, E.
Legal English: How to Understand and Master the Language of Law, McKay, W., et al. (2nd ed.) (2011). Law afkortingen/abbreviations Law
Lemmens, M. & Parr, T.: Handboek voor de vertaler Nederlands–Engels.
Lexicon Financieel Management (J.A.M. Berkien)
Lexicon Financieel Management (J.A.M. Berkien) - Vakmedianet Management, 2015 Dutch, English subscriptions book, online
Lexicon Financieel Management (J.A.M. Berkien) #Subscriptions
LEXICON with translation of the juridical terms also in German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian Law
Lexilogos: a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world.
Lexique franco-anglais des termes du haut-fourneau (Maurice BURTEAUX)(895 French-English terms)
Lifting the Fog of Legalese Essays on Plain Language, by Joseph Kimble Law
Lijst van afkortingen in het Nederlands ( NL Wikipedia, Abbreviations
Lijst van Verkortingen Spoorwegen (Peter Gutter) Railway
Lijst van Nederlandse woordenlijsten en woordenboeken gedrukt voor 1600, By Frans Claes (Bibliotheca Bibliographica Neerlandica, 1974) NL
Linguee ‘Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries’ (big list of links)
LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (The Dutch Safety Board) Abbreviations
List of Dutch dictionaries (Wikipedia)
LOCKSMITH Dictionary (ALOA). Locksmithing
Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage (LRB), Godman, A. & Payne, E.M.F. (1979).
Luchtvaart Noord Nederland (LvnNL): Afkortingen & Termen English External link
Luc Ockers’ Glossary of Animal Names (Latin/EN/NL/DE/FR) ( (7,197 entries). Latin/EN/NL/DE/FR
Lycaeus Economisch Woordenboek (BE) ( Dutch, English Law Link currently dead!
Lycaeus Economisch Woordenboek (NL) ( Dutch, English Law ‘Amo Institute of Sciences - Financial and Business Dictionary’
Lycaeus Juridisch Woordenboek (Belgisch recht) ( Dutch, English Law ‘Amo Institute of Sciences - Belgian Law Dictionary’
Lycaeus Juridisch Woordenboek (Nederlands recht) ( Dutch, English Law ‘Amo Institute of Sciences - Dutch Law Encyclopedic Dictionary’
M Mac OSX Glossary (2012-12-16) (176,064 entries).
Macroeconomics dictionary by Ralph Vanaken (109 entries) (Download).
Macroeconomics dictionary by Ralph Vanaken (109 entries).
MAGUS: A multilingual animal glossary of selected birds and mammals; Part 4: Germanic Languages.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (6th edition, 2002).
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (7th edition, 2012). Dutch, English/etc.
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (10th edition, 2007).
Measurement unit abbreviations English Abbreviations, Measurement units
MedDRA: Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Medical No content, just ref.
Medical abbreviations (262 terms) Dutch, English Abbreviations
Meertalige woordenlijst voor charterschippers.
Menno Mafait’s Thinknowlogy (‘the only computer program in the world able to “understand” natural language’)
META_Min. EZ.sdltb
METAMORFOSE_Hogeschool Inholland ('Terminologielijst Hogeschool Inholland NL-EN.xls')
Michaellaneous Terms Dutch, English Michael Beijer
Microsoft Excel function translations (481 Dutch-English entries) Dutch, English IT
Microsoft Language Portal Multiple languages IT
Microsoft Terminology Collection (Dutch/German/English extract) Dutch, English IT
Microsoft_Dutch_201110.sdltb IT
Mozilla Glossary, Dutch-English (5,972 entries) (Download).
Mozilla Glossary, Dutch-English (5,972 entries).
MSDS Glossary (Material Safety Data Sheet) (172 NL-EN entries) (Download).
MSDS Glossary (Material Safety Data Sheet) (172 NL-EN entries).
Multi Talen Woordenboek Pro (versie 3) - Easy Computing (CD-ROM / DVD) © 2002 Easy Computing.
Multi Talen Woordenboek Pro (versie 3) Easy Computing (CD-ROM / DVD) © 2002 Easy Computing.
Multilingual + My Multilingual profile subscriptions
Multilingual Biomedical Dictionary, by André Fairchild et al (7,195 entries). Dutch, English
Multilingual building tech., fire/safety glossary European Aluminium Association AISBL Dutch, English
Multilingual Criminological Terms, by Jaap de Waard
Multilingual Criminological Terms: English-Dutch-French-German.
Multilingual Dictionary of the Gas Industry (International Gas Union, IGU) EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/NO/CZ/PL/SL/RU Boilers English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, Slovenian and Russian
Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages EN/NL/FR/DE/IT/ES/PT/DA Medical (1,830 terms in 9 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish)
Multilingual Glossary of the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium (146 entries).
Multilingual list of science names Ontology of Scientific Journals (.xls on Google Drive).
MultiLingual magazine (print edition).
Muziektermen Nederlands-Engels, Engels-Nederlands, by Kees van Hage. (very large collection of bilingual material)
N NASA Human Spaceflight International Space Station (ISS) Acronyms
NASA Human Spaceflight International Space Station (ISS) Acronyms.xls
Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence
NBS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 649 Directory of International and Regional Organizations Conducting Standards-Related Activities (Adventures in Dutch bracket (ab)use) (my own)​ (Adventures in Dutch bracket (ab)use) (my own) (Adventures in Dutch bracket (ab)use) (my own)
Nederlandse rechtsbegrippen vertaald ‘The largest list of text & chat acronyms’.
New Dictionary English and Dutch (Dutch and English), Willem Sewel (author) (BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2010).
Nieuwenhuis’ woordenboek van kunsten en wetenschappen, herzien, omgewerkt en vermeerderd tot verspreiding van kennis en bevordering der beschaving onder alle standen (Gerrit Nieuwenhuis, 1866) NL Dictionaries See:
Notebook Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels, K. Broekhof, T. Morris, and L. Stoops (published by Education Education systems ➔ Belgium - Flanders ➔ Glossary Dutch, English Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’ Education systems ➔ The Netherlands ➔ Glossary Dutch, English Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’ Education systems ➔ United States ➔ Glossary Dutch, English Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’
NUFFIC Glossary Dutch, English Education Last version (as of 31 Aug 2020) of an amazing Dutch-English glossary of terms used in higher education. Discontinued.
O ‘Octrooien! Een introductie voor het hoger onderwijs’ (Verklarende woordenlijst) ( NL Patents
OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms (English)
OED Combined abbreviations list (the most common abbreviations used in the OED)
OLAC: Open Language Archives: 'resources in and about the Dutch language'.
OmageT: Localization TMX repository
OmegaWiki database (5,599 Dutch-English entries).csv .
OmegaWiki Glossary: Dutch-English dictionary created from OmegaWiki database (Download).
Online Woordenboek van de Diergeneeskunde
Online Textile Dictionary English Textile English version of a multimedia textile defining dictionary with over 2000 textile and clothing terms
Onroerend Goed Lexicon (OGL): verschillen tussen Britse Engels en Amerikaanse Engels (aan einde Lexicon)
Onroerend Goed Lexicon / The Property Lexicon (Gateway Woordenboeken)
Ontwerpgrondslag Elektrotechnische Installaties Terminalcomplex: AFKORTINGEN (Schiphol Nederland B.V.) Dutch, English Abbreviations 29 entries
Oosthoek’s Geïllustreerde Encyclopaedie (Oosthoek’s Encyclopaedie, De Grote Oosthoek, Oosthoek Encyclopedie, etc.) NL Encyclopedias The Oosthoek is a Dutch encyclopedia, published by Oosthoek's Uitgevers Mij. N.V. in Utrecht, which was founded in 1907 by A. Oosthoek (1876–1949) and which merged with Kluwer in 1970.
Open Dutch WordNet (ODWN) Dutch, English
OpenNLP acronyms
OPUS-100 (massively multilingual translation) OPUS-100 is an English-centric multilingual corpus covering 100 languages. It was randomly sampled from the OPUS collection [1].
OPUS: the open parallel corpus (=#1 site for open source Parallel Corpora, incl. TMXs!
Organgen [ Hans Visser] .
Organgen.csv ➔ Scaffolding eTool English Scaffolding
OTE: Open Translation Engine (4,648 NL-EN entries).
Over 800 Abbreviations of religious orders English Abbreviations, Religion
Overzicht grammaticale termen Nederlands-Engels (AV Taaltraining) Dutch, English Grammar
Oxford Dictionaries Pro ( English Dictionaries Indispensable.
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) English Dictionaries The mother of all English dictionaries.
Oxtoby, Graham P.: Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology (1998)
Oxtoby, Graham P.: Groot Woordenboek Industrie & Techniek (‘GWIT’) / Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology (Translex Publishing) Dutch, English Dictionaries The late Graham P Oxtoby’s monumental work; still an indispensable resource for technical translators working in Dutch and English. Haters gonna hate, but nothing can touch this.
P P1 Vertaalwoordenboek.
Paint Shop Pro Woordenlijst - Nederland / Engels.
Paint Shop Pro Woordenlijst Nederland / Engels.
Pallet Terminology from A-Z ( English Palletising
Pallet Terminology from A-Z Become a Pallet Expert Pallet Consultants
Palletiser glossary ( English Palletising 41 English entries, with definitions
Palletizing Glossary (Columbia, English Palletising
ParaCrawl Corpus release v7.1 - Dutch-English 31,295,016 sentences, 451,270,740 words ‘Continued Web-Scale Provision of Parallel Corpora for European Languages’ corpora, parallel data
Passkey. A Dutch-English reference book on business terminology. (Huitenga, Lloyd & Verhoog).
PASSWORD Dutch–English Learner’s Dictionary (K DICTIONARIES LTD) Dictionaries See for info.
Patentese: A dialect of English? T.E.R. Singer and Julian F. Smith (Journal of Chemical Education 1967) English Patents
Patents: Degrees of preference (Dutch-English) Dutch, English Patents Multilingual Glossary of Nice Classification System of goods & services) Patents
PatTR: Patent Translation Resource alignments (aligned by Michael Beijer, in 2015) DE/EN, EN/FR, FR/DE Patents In 2015, I went through quite a bit of trouble to convert this monstrous dataset …[11]
PC Pro English Subscriptions
Pearson, G.: Illustrated Dictionary Of Mechanical Engineering (Lotus Press, 2007).
“Pegasus” vreemde woordenboek, by S. van Praag (Uitgeverij Pegasus, Amsterdam 1937) NL Dictionaries Strange old dictionary.
Peter Gutter’s Spoorwegwoordenboek Dutch-Eng (NVBS)
Philosophy Glossary: Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (Filosofie) (203 entries).
PIANC, Illustrated Technical Dictionary in Six Languages.
PIARC Road Dictionary(multilingual terminology database of the World Road Association).
Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 2007).
Pinkhof Medisch Engels
Politie afkortingen ( (345 Dutch acronyms) NL Abbreviations
PRADO glossary - Technical terms related to security features and to security documents in general Multilingual PRADO = PUBLIC REGISTER OF AUTHENTIC TRAVEL AND IDENTITY …[12]
Praktijkdiploma Boekhouden (PDB) termenlijst - Financial & Cost Accounting glossary (Download).
PRINCE2:2009 – Translation List (Dutch) Dutch, English Business, PRINCE2 PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment)[13]
Prisma Concise English-Dutch & Dutch-English Dictionary, 3rd Revised edition, P. Gargano, F. Veldman.
Prisma groot woordenboek Nederlands
Prisma Online XL Engels 2.0 Dutch, English 100,000 Dutch-English headwords
Prisma Vakwoordenboek Bouw, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1995) (188 pages).
Prisma Vakwoordenboek Onroerende Zaken, Dijkstra, W., Kommer, K., Van Eyk H.S.
Prisma Vakwoordenboek Transport, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1996) (167 pages).
Prisma woordenboek Nederlands Engels (A.F.M. de Knegt & C. de Knegt-Bos; Orig. auth.: G.J. Visser.
Prisma Woordenboek van het Algemeen Onbeschaafd Nederlands (Heidi Aalbrecht en Pyter Wagenaar)
Private Eye
Properties and units in the clinical laboratory sciences 11. Kinds-of-property, (IUPAC Recommendations 1997) Dutch, English Science 43 entries
Prorail Verklarende woordenlijst (Milieueffectrapportage 1e fase) Railway KOG: ‘KudoZ Open Glossary’ (6,322 NL-EN entries) (Download). KOG: ‘KudoZ Open Glossary’ (6,322 NL-EN entries). term search Term Search. ??? Term Search. ☆☆☆
Pump glossary with 1,134 Dutch-English terms Dutch, English Pumps
Pump Terminology Glossary (SteelPumps UK) English Pumps English terms, defined
Puzzelwoordenboek (index) NL Puzzelwoordenboek Found on
PVS Glossary (425 Dutch-English entries)
Q,, etc. (ad-ridden Wikipedia mirrors) Michael Beijer
R Glossary: ‘Wordlist of Dutch genealogy-related abbreviations, words + translations’
Radboud Universiteit Vertaallijst NL-EN Dutch, English Education ‘De Vertaallijst bestaat uit up-to-date Nederlands-Engelse vertalingen …[14]
RailLexic (UIC's railway glossary, now available online) Railway
RailLexic 4.0 CD-ROM (UIC railway glossary comprising some 16,000 terms in 22 languages). ☆☆☆ Railway
RailLexic, new online subscription. ☆☆☆ Railway
Railway terminology Railway
Random 465
Renier, Fernand G.: Dutch/English - English/Dutch Dictionary (Third impression - 1961).
Renier, Fernand G.: Dutch/English English/Dutch Dictionary (3rd impression 1961).
Resil’s Online Textile Dictionary English Textile
Reverso Context
RFC Editor Abbreviations List (1,735 entries) (Download).
RFC Editor Abbreviations List (1,735 entries).
richtig interpretieren der augenblicklichen Situation richtig interpretieren eines Signals (6,230 German-English entries) #de-en Railway
RIGD-LOXIA > railDocs > Afkortingen Dutch Railway
‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch (2004) Dutch, English Translation, Dunglish
bijlage-lijst-met-afkortingen Dutch, English Abbreviations
Risk and Safety Statements (210 Dutch-English entries) (courtesy of Marek Pawelec) (Download).
Risk and Safety Statements (210 Dutch-English entries) (courtesy of Marek Pawelec).
Road Safety Glossary (Verkeersveiligheidstermen Nederlands-Engels, S.Harris & A.v.d Vorst)(1,183 Dutch-English entries).
Road Safety Glossary / Verkeersveiligheidstermen Nederlands-Engels (1,183 NL-EN entries) (Download).
Rohloff Zweiradtechnik Wörterbuch, Dutch-English bicycle terms (490 entries).
Rombouts, Hans: Vloeiend Vlaams: Zuidnederlands voor beginners en gevorderden (Aramith Uitg., 1990).
S SCA Packaging: ‘VERPAKKINGSWOORDENLIJST Vertaling Nederlands/Frans/Engels/Duits’ (Download).
SCA Packaging: ‘VERPAKKINGSWOORDENLIJST Vertaling Nederlands/Frans/Engels/Duits’.
SCA Packaging: Six-Way Glossary by Data Translations Textran (526 NL-EN entries) (Download).
SCA Packaging: Six-Way Glossary by Data Translations Textran (526 NL-EN entries).
Scaffolding (steigers/stellingen) #Scaffolding
Scaffolding Glossary: Dutch-English ( Dutch, English Scaffolding very small glossary
Scientific & technical
Semantic Concepts: Construction (
Sentences Multilingual Sentences A collection of interesting sentences.
Shopping and food glossary, compiled by the American Woman's Club Amsterdam (AWCA) (284 entries).
Signalling equipment housings Telecommunications ( Railway
Signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements in 23 (in 23 languages) Multilingual signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements in all 23 languages of the EU Soil Management Glossary (5,338 Dutch-English entries) (Download). Soil Management Glossary (5,338 Dutch-English entries).
Slovnyk - Het veeltalige woordenboek, compiled by Valentyn Solomko (43,718_entries).
Slovnyk Het veeltalige woordenboek, compiled by Valentyn Solomko (43,718_entries).
Small glossary I found somewhere (224 Dutch-English entries)
Spoortermen > Afkortingen (@ (Dutch railway abbreviations).
Spoorwegwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Peter Gutter) Railway
StarDict dictionaries: Dutch-English collection
StarDict dictionaries: massive multilingual collection
Stationsbeveiliging, Type NX-systeem '68; Tekstboek Deel 1, Opleiding en Vorming Railway
Steiner Glossary: Personal list of terms compiled while working on Dutch ‘vrijescholen’ texts Dutch, English Education (27 entries)
Schuurmans-Stekhoven, G. (Author) & Oxtoby, Graham P. (Editor): Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (1993) Dutch, English ‘Universal Dictionary of Science and Technology’ (unofficial English title)
Schuurmans-Stekhoven, G.: Kluwer’s Universeel Technisch Woordenboek, Engels-Nederlands (Kluwer) Dutch, English Kluwer’s universal engineering dictionary, Dutch-English
Schuurmans-Stekhoven, G.: Kluwer’s Universeel Technisch Woordenboek, Nederlands-Engels (Kluwer). EN/NL Kluwer’s universal engineering dictionary, English-Dutch
Strategic Patenting, A Comprehensive Guide For Everyone Involved In The World Of Patenting, Fish & Tsang. Patents
Stripfiguren Tekenen - by Jack Hamm, Aart van den End (Translator), Noor Tupker-van de Beemer (Translator)(1992) NL (translated from EN) Translated books Translated from English into Dutch by Aart van den End, author of the ‘Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon’ (JurLex), among other important dictionaries.
Symbolen en Benamingen op Beveiligingstekeningen (Deel A en B; Opleiding en Vorming) Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) Railway
T A great website that collects Dutch-English specialist glossaries. Dutch, English ‘Termen uit de bouw’ Dutch, English Construction ‘Engelse termen uit de bouw- en doe-het-zelf-wereld verzameld en vertaald door Erik Brommeijer’ (Glossary of construction terms with 5,998 Dutch-English entries) Militaire termen - landmacht
Taschenwörterbuch Maschinenbau & Elektrotechnik Deutsch - English DE/EN Technical published by Hueber Verlag, Ismaning
TAUS Search: TAUS Data Association In the past I downloaded a ton of their TMXs (some of which are weer complete garbage). I also uploaded some stuff myself, not my own work, but data I found online. Online Dutch-English dictionary for technical stuff. Dutch, English Technical TecDic: ‘TecDic is the online Dutch-English dictionary for technical stuff. …[15] (‘1 billion translations categorized by activity in 28 languages’) Multilingual Technical TechDico: ‘The translation tool TechDico gives you access to …[16]
Technical Dictionary of Road Terms (published by the World Road Association, PIARC)
Technical glossary (1,674 Dutch-English terms) Dutch, English Technical 1,674 Dutch-English entries
Technical Translation: Usability Strategies for Translating Technical Documentation, by Jody Byrne.
Techniek dut eng.xlsx (in 11 parts) (, Hans Visser) Dutch, English
Technisch woordenboek voor machinebouw en procesindustrie (+ 5,000 entries).
Telegrafen, Telefonen en Luchtvaart. (Fransch-Nederlandsch)
Ten Bosch’ Viertalig Woordenboek / Nederlands-Engels-Duits-Frans (Sdu Uitgevers, January 1999).
Terminologie gebruikt in zakelijke brieven, Nederlands-Pools NL/PO Business
TESE: Thesaurus for Education Systems in Europe 2009 Edition (1,388 entries) (Download) ~ Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands Dutch, English Textile
Textile Glossary (Dutch, English, German, French)(‘2000-textieltermen.xls’) Dutch, English/DE/FR Textile Can't remember where I found this online, but I've archived it on (see link to the right) for future googlers.
Textile Glossary (Michael Beijer) Dutch, English Textile, Michael Beijer
Textiles Intelligence: Glossary English Textile ‘This glossary is provided by Textiles Intelligence as a service to its customers and contains definitions for terms commonly used in the textile industry.’
Textile: Misc. glossaries online (require further processing) Textile Original list found at:
THALES Maintenance Manual L90 5, Indoor Equipment ESTW L90 5, Hardware ACE Az LM, Description Railway
The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary (2nd edition)
The Civil Code of the Netherlands, translated by H. Warendorf, R. Thomas and I. Curry-Sumner.
The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing. 6th edition (576 pages).
The International Journal of Lexicography subscriptions
The European Dictionary Portal
The Internet Dictionary Project (IDP)
‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary […]’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (1850)[17] EN/NL/DE/DA/NO/SE/FR/IT/ES/PT/RU Dictionaries
The New Pocket Dictionary of the Dutch and English Languages in Two Parts. By Baldwin Janson Originally published: 1793
The New Routledge & Van Dale Dutch Dictionary Dutch<>English (2nd edition)(2014).
The New Routledge Dutch Dictionary NL-EN/EN-NL, Hempelman, R.; Osselton, N. (2003).
The Patent Translator’s Handbook (American Translators Association, 2007) English Patents
The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary (2nd edition, 21 Oct. 1999) German, English Dictionaries, Bilingual dictionaries @ Google Books
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Dutch-English Dictionary (Richard Cleasby, 1987) Hardcover – 22 Jan. 1987
The Railway Dictionary: An A-Z of Railway Terminology (3rd edition)(by Alan A. Jackson)
The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology Edited by Chan Sin-wai (Routledge, 1995)
The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Technology Edited by Minako O'Hagan (Routledge, 2019)
The Translation of Civil Procedure Terminology, An Annotated Lexicon Dutch to English (Saskia van der Velde) EN/NL Translation ‘Thesis MA Linguistics: Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)’ Archived on here.
The Week English Subscriptions ‘All you need to know about everything that matters.’
Threat and vulnerability response acronyms Dutch, English Abbreviations 111 Dutch-English entries
Thumb Ease Webster’s Dictionary (Ottemheimer, 1983) English This was probably my first dictionary ever. Dated 1988.
Tilburg University: Dutch-English Glossary of University related terms (1,657 entries) (Download).
Tilburg University: Dutch-English Glossary of University related terms (1,657 entries).
TM-Town Terminology Marketplace: Dutch to English glossaries currently available for sale.
TM-Town Terminology Marketplace: Dutch to English glossaries currently available for sale. ☆☆☆
Toets- en onderwijstermen Nederlands-Engels (Cito, Dutch, English Education
Translation, terminology, and lexicography
TranslatorsCafé: Dutch-English Glossary ~ Terminology TermsCafé (433 entries).
TranslatorsCafé’s ‘TCTerms’
Transport Thesaurus (, 1995): ‘Alphabetical List of Transport Descriptors’ & ‘Facetted List of Transport Descriptors’ Railway
Tribology Glossary - Werktuigbouw en Tribotechniek ( Dutch, English Mechanical engineering (2,738 Dutch-English entries)
Trilingual Vocabulary of Intelligent Transportation Systems = Vocabulaire trilingue des systèmes de transport intelligents = Vocabulario trilingüe de los sistemas inteligentes de transporte (Gouvernement du Québec, 2009) Technical Dictionary (NL-EN, letters F+G).sdltb
TshwaneLex User Guide
TT-Software Dictionaries and wordlists (
TU Delft: Building Technology Glossary (Bouwkunde) (198 NL-EN entries).
TU Delft: Dictionary for Urbanists, Dutch-English (Download).
TU Delft: Dictionary for Urbanists, Dutch-English.
TU Delft: Glossary of education-related terms, compiled by the English Language Centre of TU Delft.
TU Delft: Hydraulic Engineering Glossary (4,235 NL-EN entries).
TU Delft: Nederlands-Englese woordenlijst stedebouwkundige begrippen (Urban Development Glossary).
TU Delft: woordenlijst onderwijstermen (23 NL-EN entries)
TU Delft: woordenlijst onderwijstermen (23 NL-EN entries).
TU-Delft glossary on bio-geomorphology
TU-Delft glossary on bio-geomorphology.
TU-Delft glossary on river morphology
TU-Delft glossary on river morphology.
TuCassell’s English Dutch, Dutch English Dictionary, H Coenders (Continuum, 2000) (1,582 pages).
Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak& bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen door L-J. Metdepenninghen, toegevoegd dienstoverste en X.-F. Smeesters, oud ambtenaar bij het Ministerie van Spoorwegen, Zeewezen, Posterijen,
U UIC RailLexic 5.0
UIC RailLexic Abbreviations Railway
UIC RailLexic Subject fields Railway
American and British English spelling differences ( English
Ultramarin Maritime meertalige geïllustreerde encyclopedie voor zee- en binnenvaart (CD-ROM).
Ultramarin Maritime meertalige geïllustreerde encyclopedie voor zeeen binnenvaart (CD-ROM).
UN Corpora: TMXs in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish (74,070 entries).
Understanding ‘Patentese’ – A Patent Glossary (by Arnold B. Silverman and George K. Stacey) English Patents
UNESCO International Glossary of Hydrology
USPTO Glossary: A-Z definitions of intellectual property terminology English Patents USPTO = United States Patent and Trademark Office
Universal Dictionary (Dutch-English) (maintained by the project) (1,730 entries).
Universiteit Gent: (ELIS), Ghent University - Nederlandstalige computertermen (131 NL-EN IT entries).
Universiteit Gent: (ELIS), Ghent University Nederlandstalige computertermen (131 NL-EN IT entries).
Universiteit Utrecht: Glossary of univ.-related terms (NL-EN woordenlijst algemene universitaire termen).
Universiteit Utrecht: Univ. Departments Glossary (“Schrijf- en redactiewijzer Engelstalige teksten”).
Universiteit Utrecht: Univ. Departments Glossary (“Schrijfen redactiewijzer Engelstalige teksten”).
University of Amsterdam’s online ‘Translation List’ (‘UvA-Vertaallijst’).
University of Twente (Woordenlijst nl-en)(2,087 Dutch-English entries).csv .
‘Using Online Dictionaries’ edited by Carolin Müller-Spitzer (I’ve been quoted!) Michael Beijer
Uyen, M.: Kuifje in Vlaanderen. Een Nijmegenaar leert zijn nieuwe vaderland kennen.
Uytterschaut, L.: De anderstalige jaarrekening, terminologische gids voor BE/NE/FR/EN/DE jaarrekeninge
Uytterschaut, L.: De anderstalige jaarrekening, terminologische gids voor BE/NE/FR/EN/DE jaarrekeningen.
V Van Amerongen, F. Terminologie Financieel Management NL-EN, (2001) (+25,000 entries).
Van Dale Dr. Verschuyl Groot puzzelwoordenboek NL Crossword dictionaries ‘Het Van Dale Dr. Verschuyl Groot puzzelwoordenboek is het grootste naslagwerk…[18]
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands (versie 2.0, 2002) Dutch, English
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (versie 2.1, 2006) Dutch, English (approx. 100,000 headwords)
Van Dale Groot woordenboek hedendaags Nederlands NL (versie 2.0, 2002)
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal NL (versie 2.0, 2002; 14e druk, 2005; 15e druk, 2015)
Van Dale Handwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels Dutch, English (1ste druk, juli 2000 988 pagina's)(3e druk, 1996)
Van Dale Nieuw Woordenboek der Nederlandsche taal, Calisch, I.M. & Calisch, N.S. NL 1e ed, 1864
Van Goor’s English-Dutch and Dutch-English dictionary, F. Ed. Prick Van Wely Dutch, English (11th Rev. Ed., 1959)
Van Goor’s Miniatuur Engelsch Woordenboek (G.B. Van Goor Zonen’s U.M., 1946) Dutch, English 11th ed.
Van Houtum woordenlijst 5 talen (239 entries, 5 languages)
Various dictionaries by Dr. H. Jansonius
Verklarend Informatica Woordenboek (C. van Uitert; Samson, 1989) Dutch, English IT English/Dutch computing dictionary; ISBN: 9789014037967; 2e druk, 198. 1063 pages
Verklarende woordenlijst waterbouwkundige termen (627 Dutch-English terms) Dutch, English
‘Verkortingen’ (Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak- & bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen) NL Railway ‘Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak- & bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen …[19]
Versicherungsworterbuch, Insurance Dictionary, Dictionnaire D'Assurance (Dr. Muller-Lutz)
Vertaalsuggesties (Nederlands i18n-team)
Vertaalwijzer Engels-Nederlands (Chris P. Odijk) Dutch, English Translation ‘Deze handleiding laat zien hoeveel valkuilen er kunnen zitten …[20]
Vertalende Woordenboeken Tradbelvert
Verwarwoordenboek (Jan Renkema)
verwijzingen_naar_ingetrokken_normen_1e_kwartaal_2016_3.xls Dutch, English NEN-EN
Vlaams-Nederlands glossary on, by Dirk Vanhoof.csv
Vlaams-Nederlands woordenboek - van ambetanterik tot zwanzer, Ed. P Bakema (2003).
Vlaams woordenboek, Het NL/BE Flemish/Vlaams Op deze web site kunt ge beschrijvingen van Vlaamse woorden, termen en …[21]
Vlietstra, J.: Dictionary of Technical Terms (‘Technisch E-N/N-E Woordenboek’) Dutch, English (38,617 Dutch-English entries)
Vlietstra, J.: Dictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations (2nd ed.) (2001)
VU-termenlijst Geautoriseerde Engelse vertalingen van onderwijstermen, namen van diensten, functies…
W Wablief? 2.0 Vlaams-Nederlands woordenboek
Wagenaar Hummelinck, Henk:, Deel 1 Engels-Nederlands.
Wagenaar Hummelinck, Henk:, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels (15,430 entries). Multilingual illustrated technical dictionary on navigation and dredging (very good!). ??? Multilingual illustrated technical dictionary on navigation and dredging (very good!). ☆☆☆ DE/EN/ES/NL/PT
Water, Ramp en (Neder)land: Lijst met gebruikte afkortingen NL 97 Dutch abbreviations
WeBiText: Bilingual concordancer developed by Institute for Info. Technology NRC Canada (Terminotix). DE/EN
What are the Parts of a Patent Application? (Watson Intellectual Property Group) English Patents Very clear description of the structure of a patent application.
Why Opting for a Dedicated, Professional, Off-the-shelf Dictionary Writing System Matters (Gilles-Maurice de Schryver) English Archived on here.
WIENERS+WIENERS GmbH_LANXESS Deutschland GmbH ('Translation Guide LANXESS Corporate Communications')
Wikidata Bilingual DSL Dictionaries (Dutch-English) Dutch, English ‘en-nl_wikidict.dsl’ from GitHub
Wikipedia Multilingual The knowledge mothership.
Wikipedia database, automatically generated Dutch-English dictionary Dutch, English
Wikipedia glossary (303,787 entries) (Courtesy of András Farkas) (Download zipped).
Wikipedia glossary (303,787 entries) (Courtesy of András Farkas) (Download) (Download zipped).
Wikipedia: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (7,191 entries).
Wikipedia:Lists of common misspellings
Wiktionary-dict (50,943 English-Dutch translations extracted from
Wiktionary: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (9,185 entries).
Wiktionary: M. Buchmeier's script to automatically generate large bilingual dictionaries using Wiktionary.
Wired Subscriptions
Wiskundewoordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (Frido Verweij) Dutch, English Mathematics
WOD: Webster's Online Dictionary (with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation) seems to be dead now
Woerterbuch.pdf FR/Dutch, English/DE Textile Multilingual textile glossary created by Wuppertaler Garn Service GmbH (WGS)
Wolters' Woordenboek: Engels-Nederlands.
Wolters’ Handwoordenboek Nederland-Engels (20e druk, 1994) (77,000 headwords, 1,073 pp.).
Wolters’ Handwoordenboek Nederland-Engels (20e druk, 1994) (77,000 headwords, 1,073 pp.). [Scanned by and searchable in dtSearch]
Wood, many different kinds. Dutch, English Wood On this page I try to offer Dutch-English translations of the many different kinds of wood used in construction.
Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (1864-1998) (WNT; Dictionary of the Dutch Language)(INL). ???
Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (1864-1998) (WNT; Dictionary of the Dutch Language)(INL). ☆☆☆
Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal, comprehensive academic dictionary of Dutch begun in 1863 and finished in 1998, listing all words in Dutch used since 1500
Woordenboeken en hun makers - Een selectie uit Trefwoord 1-9 (Nicoline van der Sijs e.a., 1998)
Woordenboek geneeskunde E-N/N-E, 3rde druk; P.L.M. Kerkhof, 2003 (ISBN 903522 25805).
Woordenboek geneeskunde en biomedische wetenschappen Nederlands-Engels (P.L.M. Kerkhof) Dutch, English Medical Approx. 10,913 Dutch-English entries.
Woordenboek ICT Henk Biemond/Elsevier) Nederlands Hardcover 9789062283842 Druk: 1 april 2003 1416 pagina's
Woordenboek micro-elektronica (Prokhorov) (aka ‘Dictionary of Microelectronics’ aka ‘PONS Fachwörterbuch Mikroelektronik’)
Woordenboek PSO Engels-Nederlands (KMA – 4de druk) by Kolonel b.d. LJJ Dorrestijn Dutch, English Military KMA = Royal Netherlands Military Academy \\PSO = Peace Support Operations
Woordenboek van de Drentse dialecten (Dr G.H. Kocks) Dutch Dictionaries Publisher: ‎ Gorcum b.v., Koninklijke Van; 1st edition (20 Nov. 2000)
Woordenboek verzekeringsbedrijf Engels<>Nederlands, Winfried Vermeij & M.P. Kelderman.
Woordenboek waterbouwkundige termen (438 Dutch-English terms) Dutch, English Hydraulic engineering
Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands (found on website of Eindhoven University of Technology,
Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands op het gebied van octrooien en telecommunicatie (KPN\GIE A. Staal, 1996, Den Haag) Dutch, English Copyright KPN\GIE A. Staal - 19 februari 1996, Den Haag
Woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands (found on website of Eindhoven University of Technology, Dutch-English terms).
Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels behorend bij Industrial Production, 5e druk (© 2016 Boom uitgevers Amsterdam)(1,825 Dutch-English entries) (URL).
Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels Fonds Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2) The 10 Best Online Terminology Sources Great list of online terminology resources, such as IATE, GEMET, ECHA-TERM, etc.
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