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Afkortingenlijst voor Engelse tijdschriften

A.A.L.R. Anglo-American Law Review
A.C. Law Reports: Appeal Cases
A.E.R. All England Law Reports Reprint
A.T.C. Annotated Tax Cases
All E.R. All England Law Reports
B.C.C. British Company Law Cases
B.C.L.C. Butterworths Company Law Cases
B.J. Crim. British Journal of Criminology
B.J.I.R. British Journal of Industrial Relations
B.J.L.S. British Journal of Law & Society
B.L.R. Business Law Review
B.M.L.R. Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports
B.T.R. British Tax Review
C.A. Court of Appeal
C.J.Q. Civil Justice Quarterly
C.L. Current Law
C.L.I. Current Legal
C.L.J. Cambridge Law Journal
C.L.P. Current Legal Problems
C.L.R. Commonwealth Law Reports
C.L.S.R. Computer Law & Security Report
C.L.Y.B. Current Law Year Book
C.O.D. Crown Office Digest
CFLQ Child and family law quarterly
Ch. Law Reports: Chancery Division
CJQ Civil Justice Quarterly
Comp. & Law Computers & Law
Comp. Law Computers and Law
Comps & Law Computers and law
ConstLJ Construction Law Journal
Conv. Conveyancer, Conveyancer & Property Lawyer
Cr. App. R. Criminal Appeal Reports
Cr. App. R.(S) Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
Crim. L.Q. Criminal Law Quarterly
Crim. L.R. Criminal Law Review
D.C.L.D. Discrimination Law Case Digest (Equal Opportunities Review)
Dig. Digest
E. & L. Education and the Law
E.A.T Employment Appeal Tribunal
E.G. Estates Gazette
E.G.C.S. Estates Gazette Case Summaries
E.L.M. Environmental Law and Management
E.M.L.R. Entertainment & Media Law Reports
E.N.D.S. ENDS Report
E.O.R. Equal Opportunities Review
E.O.R. Dig. Equal Opportunities Review Discrimination Law Case Digest
E.R. English Reports for abbreviations of nominate reports included in ER see Citations for the English Reports
E.W.C.A. Civ. Court of Appeal, Civil Division (England & Wales)
E.W.C.A. Crim. Court of Appeal, Criminal Division (England & Wales)
E.W.H.C. Admin. High Court, Administrative Court (England & Wales)
Ent. L.R. Entertainment Law Review
Env. L.M. Environmental Law Monthly
Env. L.R. Environmental Law Reports
F.C.R. Family Court Reporter
F.S.R. Fleet Street Reports
Fam. Law Family Law
Fem. L.S. Feminist Legal Studies
H.L House of Lords
H.L.R. Housing Law Reports
I.C.R. Industrial Cases Reports
I.F.L.P. Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
I.L.P. Index to Legal Periodicals
I.L.T. Irish Law Times
I.P.Q. Intellectual Property Quarterly
I.R. Irish Reports
I.R.L.R. Industrial Relations Law Reports
Imm.A.R. Immigration Appeals
Ind. L.J. Industrial Law Journal
Ind. Prop. Industrial Property
IRLR Industrial relations law reports
J Soc Wel & Fam L Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
J Soc Wel L Journal of Social Welfare Law
J.A.L.T. Journal of the Association of Law Teachers
J.B.F.L.& P. Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice
J.B.L. Journal of Business Law
J.C.L. Journal of Child Law
J.Crim.L. Journal of Criminal Law
J.Env.L. Journal of Environmental Law
J.I.L.T. Journal of Information Law & Technology
J.L.H. Journal of Legal History
J.L.S. Journal of Law and Society
J.P. Justice of the Peace / Justice of the Peace Reports
J.P.E.L. Journal of Planning and Environment Law
J.P.L. Journal of Planning Law
J.S.P.T.L. Journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law
J.S.W.F.L. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
J.S.W.L. Journal of Social Welfare Law
JICJ Journal of international criminal justice
JSSL Journal of social security law
Jud.Rev. Judicial Review
Jur.Rev. Juridical Review
K.B. Law Reports: King's Bench Division
K.I.R. Knight's Industrial Reports
L.& J. Law and Justice
L.& Phil. Law and Philosophy
L.& Soc.Rev. Law and Society Review
L.A.G. Legal Action Group
L.A.G.Bull. LAG Bulletin
L.C.P. Law and Contemporary Problems
L.G.R. Local Government Reports
L.G.R. Knight's Local Government Reports
L.J. Law Journal
L.J.I. Legal Journals Index
L.J.O.S. Law Journal Reports: Old series
L.J.R. Law Journal Reports
L.L.J. Law Library Journal
L.M.C.L.Q. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
L.N. Law Notes
L.Q.R. Law Quarterly Review
L.R. A & E. Law Reports:Admiralty and Ecclesiastical
L.R. C.C.R. Law Reports: Crown Cases Reserved
L.R. C.P. Law Reports: Common Pleas
L.R. Dig. Law Reports: Digest of Cases
L.R. Eq. Law Reports: Equity
L.R. Exch. Law Reports: Exchequer
L.R. H.L. Law Reports: English and Irish Appeals
L.R. H.L. Sc. Law Reports: House of Lords Scotch and Divorce Appeals 1866-75
L.R. Ir. Law Reports: Ireland
L.R. P.& D. Law Reports: Probate and Divorce
L.R. P.C. Law Reports: Privy Council
L.R. Q.B. Law Reports: Queen's Bench
L.R. Stat. Law Reports Statutes
L.R.C.(Comm.) Law Reports of the Commonwealth
L.S. Legal Studies
L.S.G. Law Society's Gazette
L.S.Q. Legislative Studies Quarterly
L.S.R. Locus Standi Reports
L.T. Law Times
L.T.J. Law technology Journal
L.T.R. Law Times Reports
Law & Crit. Law and Critique
Lawy. Lawyer
Leg.Stud. Legal Studies
Liv.L.R.. Liverpool Law Review
Ll.L.Rep. Lloyd's List Law Reports
Lloyd's Rep. Lloyd's Reports
Lloyd's Rep.Med. Lloyd's Reports: Medical
M.L.R. Modern Law Review
Mag. Magistrate
Man.L. Managerial Law
Med.L.R. Medical Law Reports
Med.L.Rev. Medical Law Review
Milit.L.R. Military Law Review
N.I. Northern Ireland Law Reports
N.I.J.B. Northern Ireland Judgments Bulletin
N.I.L.Q. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
N.L.J. New Law Journal
O.J.L.S. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
P. & C.R. Property Planning and Compensation Reports
P.C.C. Palmer's Company Cases
P.N. Professional Negligence
PPLR Public Procurement Law Review
Pub.L. Public Law
R.P. Res Publica
R.P.C. Reports oF Patent Cases
R.R.C.P. Reports of Restrictive Practices Cases
RPC Reports of patent, design and trade mark cases
S.& L.S. Social and Legal Studies
S.C. Scots Session Cases
S.J. Solicitors' Journal
S.L.R. Student Law Review
S.L.T. Scots Law Times
S.T.C. Simon's Tax Cases
Seld.Soc. Selden Society
Sess.Cas. Scots Session Cases
Soc.L. Socialist Lawyer
St.Tr. State Trials and Proceedings… 1163-1820
St.Tr.N.S. Reports of State Trials New Series 1820-58
T.C. Reports of Tax Cases
T.L.R. Times Law Reports
Traf.Case. Traffic Cases
U.K.H.L. House of Lords (United Kingdom)
U.K.T.S. United Kingdom Treaty Series
U.N.Y.B. United Nations Year Book
V.& D.R. Value Added Tax and Duties Reports
V.A.T.T.R. Value Added Tax Tribunal Reports
W.L.R. Weekly Law Reports
W.N. Weekly Notes
W.R. Weekly Reporter
Web J.C.L.I Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
Y.L.C.T. Yearbook of Law Computers and Technology


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